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RE: oral history/canadian encylopedia & MENNONITE ENCYCLOPAEDIA

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  • Judith
    Please note that your reply will now only go to the original sender Many of you will recall that I ve made numerous announcements about Mennonite SIGs, the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2005
      Please note that your reply will now only go to
      the original sender

      Many of you will recall that I've made numerous announcements about
      Mennonite SIGs, the opening of the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
      Library & Archives, Mennonite surnames, etc. Look hard, and many of you
      will find that you have a Mennonite in your woodpile.

      Well, I just can't resist telling you that you can sneak a peak into a
      CANADIAN MENNONITE encyclopaedia, to see if a name in your family appears in
      Mennonite fame or infamy. See: http://www.mhsc.ca/encyclopedia/search.html

      And if you simply want to review a very long list of typically Mennonite
      surnames, one report indicates that there are about 370 names commonly found
      among those of Russian Mennonite ancestry, with the following found most
      commonly (apologies to Margaret Kent and others who are of Swiss Mennonite
      ancestry - I don't have a handy list of those surnames). In parentheses are
      some well-known Mennonite "carriers" of these names :

      Barg/Berg/Baerg, Baergen/Bergen/Von Bargen, Baltzer/Balzer, Banmann,
      Barkman/Bergmann, Bartel, Bartsch, Buhr, Bock, Bestvater, Block (e.g. Block
      Bros Real Estate, Vancouver), Bolt/Boldt, Born, Boschmann, Brandt (Paul
      Brandt, musician MAY be Mennonite), Braun,
      Breul/Breil/Breyel,Bueckert/Bikert, Buhler/Buller,
      Klassen/Claassen, Konrad/Conrad, Kornelson/Cornelsen, Cornies,
      Doleski, Dahl/Doell/Dell, Defehr/DeVeer/Fehr (e.g. DeFehr's Furniture of
      Airdrie), Driedger/Driediger, Dick/Dueck/Dyck (e.g. Howard Dyck, CBC
      classical music announcer), Duerksen/Dirksen/Derksen/Doerksen/Dirks,
      Eitzen, Elias, Engbrecht, Ens/Enns/Entz, Epp, Esau, Ewert,
      Falk (but not Peter Falk, actor), Fast, Federau, Flamming,
      Franz/Franzen/Fransen, Friesen/von Riesen/Riesen, Froese, Funk,
      Gaede, Gaeddert/Geddert, Gerbrandt, Giesebrecht, Goertz/Goerzen/Goertzen,
      Goossen, Groening, (e.g., Matt Groening, creator of Simpsons cartoon),
      Hamm, Harder, Harms, Heyde/Heide, Heidebrecht, Heinrichs, Hiebert/Huebert,
      Huebner, Hildebrand/Hildebrandt, Heppner/Hoeppner (e.g. Ben Heppner, opera
      singer), Hooge,
      Janz (e.g. Darrell Janz, CFCN news), Jantzen/Janzen
      Kesler/Kettler/Ketler/Kaethler, Kehler, Kampen/Von Kampen, Kasdorf, Kasper,
      Kauenhowen/Kauenhoven, Klippenstein, Koop, Kopp, Krahn, Krause, Kroeker
      (e.g., creator of Nickelback band - ask your grandkids),
      Langemann, Lehn, Lemke, Litke, Lepp/Loepp, Lettkemann, Loewen, Lohrentz,
      Mantler/Mandtler, Martens, Matties/Matthies, Mierau, Mueller,
      Neudorf, Neufeldt/Neufeld, Neumann, Neustaedter, Nikkel/Nickel, Niebuhr,
      Pankratz, Pauls, Penner, Peters, Plett, Paetkau/Petkau, Priess,
      Quapp, Quiring,
      Ratzlaff, Redekopp, Regehr/Regehr (e.g. Robyn Regehr, hockey player), Reimer
      (e.g. Reimer moving firm), Rempel, Riediger, Rogalsky/Rogalski,
      Sawatzky/Sawatzki, Schapansky, Schellenberg, (e.g., T.R. Schellenberg,
      author of first American text on archival science), Schroeder, Siemens,
      Spenst, Steingart, Stobbe, Suckau, Sudermann,
      Teichroeb, Thiessen/Tiessen (e.g. Gordon Thiessen, whose signature is on a
      lot of Canadian paper money), Tilitzky, Toews,
      Wall, Warkentin, Wedel, Wiebe (e.g. Rudy Wiebe, Edmonton author), Wieler,
      Wiens, Welk/Woelk (perhaps Lawrence Welk), Willms/Willems, Wittenberg,

      If there are any potential "fits" from above, the MHSA (2946 - 32 Street NE
      - just a couple blocks west of Peter Lougheed Hospital) is open on Saturdays
      (10-4) and has a genealogy group that meets on 3rd Saturdays (1:30-4:00pm)

      Judith Rempel
      Family Surnames: Rempel, Peters, Kaethler, Stobbe, Isaak, & Fischer

      MHSA Library & Archives Coordinator

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      In the First Person
      "provides in-depth indexing of more than 2,500 collections of oral history
      in English from around the world. With future releases, the index will
      broaden to identify other first-person content, including letters, diaries,
      memoirs, and autobiographies, and other personal narratives." Searching
      "hurricane Camille," I got some interesting accounts of living through what
      was previously the worst hurricane to strike the Gulf coast.

      Canadian Encyclopedia
      Search or browse by broad topic for almost any aspect of Canadian history
      and culture. You can also explore a timeline of Canadian history, the 100
      greatest events in Canadian history, interactive resources, or quizzes that
      test your knowledge of Canada. The site also includes the full text of the
      Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.


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