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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nature At the following website: http://www.rootsweb.com/~canab/lhb/dav.txt Two Local History Book Titles are listed with De Blaquiere s listed as follows:
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      At the following website:
      Two Local History Book Titles are listed with De Blaquiere's listed as follows:
      Name of People Included        Name of Publication       
      DE BLAQUIERE, Hugh & Jack; Memories, Yours and Mine; Kneehill
      DE BLAQUIRE, Hughe; Our History, Our Heritage; Kneehill
      Thus if you obtain those publications, you should find the memories of those individuals and it may lead to names of other family members.
      Also at the following:
      Post Offices in Canada, 1861 from The Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge, 1861
      Name of       Electoral County       Name of
        Post Office.       or Division.           Postmaster.

      Woodstock*            Oxford, N.R.           Charles De Blaquière
      Woodstock is in Ontario. Also this publication mentions a de Blaquiere:



      Henry de Blaquiere, one of the directors, is distinctly proved to have received a bribe of no less a sum than $50,000 under this contract in which the said De Blaquiere admits he was a secret partner to the extent of one-half of the profits.”27

      Though not a Canadian lsiting, you may be interested in the following site: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/..mairiedefestubert/english_cemetery.htm
      Lists a DE BLAQUIERE, Lieutenant, JOHN, 2nd Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Killed in action, at Neuve-Chapelle, 10th March 1915. Age 25.              Hon. John. Son of William, 6th Baron de Blaquiere, and Lucienne Baroness de Blaquiere, O.B.E., of 3, The Circus, Bath. VIII. J. 5.
      The above site includes some Canadian de Blaquieres.
      And at this site http://blaqui.ifrance.com/ for BLAQUIÈRE DE BLAQUIÈRE, there are Canadian (from Quebec) family members:
      Blaquière De Blaquière contains more than 20,000 names with details, pictures and history on Blaquière variations and allied families. It is updated once a month and it also contains hundreds of persons with details who lived in the province of Quebec before 1730.
      Also at the following, you can download a gedcom of the family and email the two family members listed for additional names including more current family members in Canada:
      There are others but I trust this will give you a start.

      à bientôt,

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