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  • Gordon Lane
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      Subject: 1837online.com August Newsletter

      * 1861 Census Now Complete
      * National Family History Fair
      * We Want to Hear Your Stories
      * Ask the Expert - Latest Questions and Answers
      * Expiry of Units
      * Maintenance to the Website
      * Did You Know...?
      * How Did We Get Our Name?

      1861 Census Now Complete

      We are pleased to tell you that you can now search the COMPLETE 1861 census
      on 1837online.com as we have just added the final ten counties/locations.
      To complete the set we have uploaded the data for the following counties:


      We have also added data for:

      Isle of Man

      Finally, if you are interested in tracing your naval ancestors you can also
      search the 1861 census records titled:

      Shipping at Sea
      Royal Navy at Sea
      British Ships at Home

      National Family History Fair

      On Saturday 10 September, the National Family History Fair will be taking
      place in Gateshead. The fair has been hugely popular over the last few
      years, with over three thousand people visiting from locations across the
      country as well as exhibitors from family history societies, to software
      providers, the National Archives and the Family Records Centre. If you wish
      to attend the event, the details are below:

      Time: 10.00am - 4.30pm

      Address: Gateshead International Stadium, Neilson Road, Gateshead, NE10 0EF

      Ticket price: 3.00 GBP for adults and accompanying children under 15 get in

      1837online.com is sponsoring the event and we look forward to meeting as
      many of you as possible.

      For further details about the event, including a full list of exhibitors,
      please click here:


      We Want to Hear Your Stories

      Have you uncovered any skeletons in your closet or unearthed any family
      secrets using 1837online.com? Have you traced the history of your house and
      discovered interesting facts about its former occupants? If so, we would
      love to hear your stories.

      Please send an email to casestudies@... and we may feature your
      story on our website, in our newsletter or within our press releases.

      Please make sure you include the following information in your email:

      Daytime contact number
      Email address
      Brief description of story

      Ask the Expert - Latest Questions and Answers

      The latest 'Ask the Expert' questions and answers have just been posted on
      1837online.com. Genealogy expert Dr. Nick Barratt, from TV's 'Who Do You
      Think You Are?', has answered another 10 questions on topics such as prison
      records, army records, Irish genealogy, Maltese ancestry, mysterious deaths
      and passenger lists. Check to see if your question has been answered!

      Expiry units

      We hope you are pleased with the new expiry times for your 1837online.com
      units. Don't forget when you make your next purchase that the time frame in
      which your units expire is now longer, e.g. rather than 5 GBP worth of units
      expiring after 45 days, we have now extended this to 90 days. A full list
      of the extended time frames is below:

      50 units for 5 GBP now expire after 90 days (instead of 45)

      111 units for 10 GBP now expire after 90 days (instead of 60)

      176 units for 15 GBP now expire after 120 days (instead of 90)

      313 units for 25 GBP now expire after 365 days (instead of 120)

      810 units for 60 GBP still expire after 365 days

      2400 units for 120 GBP still expire after 365 days

      Maintenance to the Website

      In recent weeks you may have experienced 1837online.com working slightly
      slower than normal. This is due to some essential maintenance that we are
      making to the website in order to improve the overall performance. We are
      always committed to providing you with the best quality website and we
      therefore hope you can be patient with the maintenance over the next few

      Did you know...?

      There are many curious and interesting names in the 1861 census. Some of
      the interesting names we have discovered are Mickey Mouse, May Ball and
      Donald Duck. There are even two siblings whose first names are Harriet
      Beecher S* and Napoleon Bonaparte!

      How did we get the name 1837online.com?

      Are you curious about our name? When we launched our website just over two
      years ago, we started with the complete set of civil registration records
      (births, marriages and deaths or BMD's), for England and Wales. Civil
      registration started in England and Wales in 1837, the same year Queen
      Victoria came to the throne; hence the name - 1837online.com.

      Enjoy your family history research!

      Kind regards,

      Julie Pease
      Membership Services

      * Harriet Beecher Stowe was the famous author of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin',
      written in 1852.


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