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Bill S-18 Post 1901 Canadian Census

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  • Rene Dussome
    Please note that your reply will now only go to the original sender To: Attendees at last Saturday s Computer SIG meeting and others In view of the question
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2005
      Please note that your reply will now only go to
      the original sender

      To: Attendees at last Saturday's Computer SIG meeting and others

      In view of the question raised at last Saturday's meeting, I believe the
      undernoted e-mail received today from Gordon Watts will be of interest.

      Rene Dussome

      * * *

      Greetings All

      Second Reading of Bill S-18 finally made it to the floor of the House of
      Commons today (Monday 13 June) with MP Lloyd St. Amand opening debate.

      Debate started in the afternoon (my afternoon in BC). Following a
      passed deferred vote on a motion that the House sit until midnite each
      day from 13 June to 23 June, debate on S-18 continued until about 7:35
      PM PDT. At that time the House was unanimous in referring Bill S-18 to
      the House Standing Committee on Industry, Natural Resources, Science and

      Two MPs, Lloyd St. Amand and Marc Boulainne, who have never responded to
      our questions of support, but spoke in favour of access, will be
      receiving Gold Ticks on the MPs Scoreboards. Werner Schmidt, currently
      shown as supporting access will see a Red X of Opposition replace his
      Gold Tick.

      There were too many MPs speaking to the Bill, or asking questions of
      those who did, to list here with summaries of their comments. I will
      have the debate of S-18 placed on the Post 1901 Census project website
      as soon as possible after I can access Hansard in the morning (Tuesday).
      I will post a message when it is available.

      The Committee to which Bill S-18 has been referred is scheduled to meet
      from 3:30 to 5:30 PM (ET) on Wednesday 15 June 2005. As I write this
      the only thing shown on the agenda for that meeting is 'Committee
      Business'. It is my understanding however, that Bill S-18 has been
      expected to be referred and that the Committee is prepared to proceed
      with discussion of it at that time.

      With the number of MPs who indicated during debate they wished to appear
      before the Committee, and the fact that at least one, and perhaps two
      MPs intend to move amendments to it, it appears to me unlikely that it
      will be reported back to the House after only one meeting. Should a
      motion to amend be successful, it would mean S-18 would have to be
      returned to the Senate for futher debate. To become law, a Bill must be
      approved in both the Senate and the House with identical wording. Let
      us hope that any proposed amendments are rejected.

      Unfortunately the Parliamentary Webcast website shows the Committee
      meeting will be held 'in camera' and so will not be available over the
      Internet. Jeff Paul advises me that he will be in attendance and
      hopefully he will post something about what takes place. I will be
      seeking to have the Clerk of the Committee send me a copy of the
      unrevised transcript of the meeting.

      I will be on the road on Wednesday but will have my laptop and cellphone
      with me. I will let you know if I am advised of any information coming
      out of the Committee meeting.

      Happy Hunting.

      Gordon A. Watts gordon_watts@...
      Co-chair Canada Census Committee
      Port Coquitlam, BC

      en francais http://www.globalgenealogy.com/Census/Index_f.htm

      Permission to forward without notice is granted

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