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FW: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER Vol. 2, #1 - 18 May 2005

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      Subject: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER Vol. 2, #1 - 18 May 2005

      Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V2#1 - 18 May 2005
      1 WELCOME
      British Books ( 5)
      USA Books (4)
      6 NEWS & GOSSIP

      1 WELCOME:
      Welcome to the Archive CD Books Canada newsletter. This newsletter will be
      published whenever we have enough information to make it worth your while
      reading, but we expect that will mean there will be about one a month.

      Remember this Newsletter is published for you so if you think we’re missing
      something important drop me a line to Malcolm@....

      Newsletters work best when they get a good circulation. We’re doing our
      best to let people know about it but you could help us along by mentioning
      it to your genealogy buddies and generally spreading the word. Give them
      the URL


      and they can sign-up directly.

      You can also use this same address to manage you subscription and to access
      the archives.

      A total of 12 new title releases in this newsletter.
      New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.
      New British Books on CD
      New USA Books on CD
      News Gossip and more.

      To find a book on our web site http://www.archivecdbooks.ca take a note of
      the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site,
      click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the
      “Product Number” box. Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a
      position to reread the description or to place your order.
      There is frequently more information about the books available on the web
      All prices in $Cdn.

      * A History of the County of Grey
      CA0130: $23.00
      Another wonderful history of an Ontario County. This one is a little
      unusual in that it has been sponsored by the "Grey County Council" and so
      has something of the stamp of official authority. As you might expect it
      contains the history of the county from it's earliest settlement. The
      author has devoted the first two chapters to "The Indians" and "Indian
      Legends and Customs" this being a discussion of the initial interactions of
      the First Nations peoples with the fur-traders, explorers and missionaries
      and an account of what was learned from these early interactions. From this
      starting point the development of Grey is followed from the making of the
      first treaties, which made settlement possible, through the establishment of
      organized communities as we recognize them.
      The book's author / editor, Edith Louise Marsh (1870 - 1960), has shown her
      talent for writing by including a lot of anecdotal accounts amongst the bald
      accounting of facts so that it is a pleasure to read what might otherwise
      have become another dull history text book.
      The names of many of the early pioneers can be found here, including in many
      cases the location of their land allotment and where possible their
      photograph or portrait is also shown. Not to say that the book limits
      itself to only the early period. Development is followed right up to just
      before the publication of the book in 1931 although there were obviously
      difficulties in giving individual accounts of all those who settled in the
      county as its population grew. The accounts of more recent times tend to
      follow specific topics such as Religion and Politics. Of great interest
      will be the accounts of the establishment and growth of each township, town
      and village.
      Finally there is a genealogist's "gold mine" in the appendices:
      - Appendix A: contains an Alphabetical Directory of Grey for 1865 giving the
      name of each landowner and their plot's location.
      - Appendix B: is a list of all those from Grey who served in the
      "Great" war (1914 - 1918) The list shows the Contingent, and
      sometimes the unit, they enlisted in and the municipality in which they
      enlisted. It also lists those "sons" of Grey who were elsewhere when they
      enlisted but the place of enlistment frequently seems to be within Grey so
      it is not clear where they actually resided at their point of enlistment.
      It claims to be as complete a list as was possible at the time (c1930) and
      indicates those listed who did not survive the conflict.
      - Appendix C: names of Officials, Wardens and County Councilors of the
      county from the first provisional council in 1852 through 1931 when the book
      was published.
      - Also given are the incorporation dates of the major towns / city as well
      as the names of the first Mayor.
      The book has been formatted for text searches using the features of the
      freely available PDF reading applications. We recommend Adobe Reader
      v4 and better for maximum compatibility.

      * Sketches of some Early Shefford Pioneers
      CA0151: $13.00
      Although this book was primarily intended as a set of background notes to
      ten portraits which were to be presented to the Waterloo Public Library by
      George G. Foster, Esq., K.C., it exceeds that relatively humble purpose by a
      great deal. The subjects of the portraits were all men who had had a
      significant role in the formation and development of
      the Eastern Townships of Quebec and of Shefford County in particular.
      Mr. Noyes has provided us with well researched and in many cases extremely
      detailed biographies of the subjects and in doing so has explained and
      highlighted much of the history of Shefford, the Eastern Townships and, to
      some extent, the whole of Canada.
      As an example, two of the subjects were heavily involved in bringing the
      railways to the Eastern Townships and in all the scandal and intrigue
      surrounding those events. Their biographies give an interesting perspective
      on these events given, as they are, from a very personal viewpoint. Then
      again two of the subjects held commissions in the local militia giving some
      interesting background on that aspect of the area's history.
      Yes, there's a lot more to be gained from this relatively small book than
      just the life stories of this handful of its most prominent citizens who's
      names are given on our web site This book has been formatted for text
      searches using the "Search" and "Find" features of the freely downloadable
      PDF file readers. We recommend Adobe Reader(TM) v4 or later for maximum

      * A McCurdy Family History
      CA0153: $23.00
      Not one but two McCurdy family history books on one CD!
      The primary book is "The McCurdys of Nova Scotia" and provides a very
      complete chronicle of the family from Alexander (The Pioneer) McCurdy who
      was the first of the line to land in Nova Scotia, through to the
      generation contemporary with the publication of these books in 1930.
      While this branch of the McCurdy clan made its first home in Nova Scotia,
      subsequent generations have spread all over the North American continent.
      In addition to following the McCurdy name the author has also included
      chapters on the Archibald family and on Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell, the
      daughter of a McCurdy girl.
      The second book is "The Ancestral McCurdys" which traces the ancient
      origins of the McCurdy clan to the ancestral homes in Scotland and then
      Ireland. The earliest ancestor identified is "Chief Gilkrist Makurerdy" a
      name which uses both the ancient form of the modern "Mc"
      and "Mac" (son of) and an "interesting" spelling of his progenitor's name, a
      name which the author concludes was "Reuda," a known clan leader.
      It is quite clear that the books were intended to compliment each other so
      we feel the reproduction of both on the same CD is completely appropriate.
      Both books were written by H. Percy Blanchard (a family name strongly
      related to the McCurdys) although The McCurdys of Nova Scotia was "published
      for" the Hon. F. B. McCurdy, which I take it to mean that he funded it.
      Both books were privately published in England and are of a very high
      publication quality.
      The chronicle of the Nova Scotia branch of the clan spans about 7
      generations and about 200 years. The author has supplied family trees and
      entries for every member. Of course some entries are short but where
      information was available the author has not stinted in providing the
      biographical highlights.
      Research into such an important name has continued and still continues and,
      as might be expected, some errors made by the authors have been exposed. We
      have not made an exhaustive search for information on such errors but a few
      that we came across have been recorded in our publication notes.
      The text of both books has been formatted for computer searches using
      the "Find" features of the freely available PDF reader applications.
      This will be of significant help in finding specific topics within the
      These books have been loaned to us by a Friend of Archive CD Books Canada
      who prefers to remain anonymous, I'm sure you will join with us in thanking
      her for allowing us to make this information available to you all.

      4 COMING SOON:

      We are pleased to announce that we are now working on a cooperative project
      with the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (N.S.) to help preserve some of
      their valuable and fascinating old books. Our first joint project is to be:

      * Yarmouth (N.S.) shipping from 1761 to 1902 (working title) We are making a
      compendium of several books and other sources to create what is probably the
      most complete historical list of ships, and owners, registered in this
      important Nova Scotia Port.

      and two more from the same source:

      * Yarmouth Past and Present, by Lawson - 1902.
      Subtitled, A Book of Reminiscences.

      * Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell’s History, by George S.
      Brown - 1888.
      A great history of Yarmouth.

      * We have just been loaned two books on British Columbia which will be
      scanned and released as soon as possible.

      (All prices in $Cdn.)


      * 1939 Kelly's Directory of Somerset (excluding Bristol)
      GB1258: $35.30
      A very comprehensive late directory, which can be very useful to family
      historians tracing families in earlier times. It is surprising how many
      families will have lived in the same houses for decades.
      This CD doesn't include Bristol but covers all other parts of Somerset,
      giving historical, statistical and local information. It does of course
      include a trades and professional directory and is clearly indexed to make
      finding ancestors a doddle. Fully searchable.

      * Civil Division of the County of Dorset - 1833
      GB1266: $27.80
      In 1830, the county of Dorset was re-organized. Instead of the old
      arrangement of thirty six "Hundreds", the county was divided into nine new
      "Divisions". It was a complicated affair which caused much confusion, and
      this book was published at the time to sort it all out.
      Comprising lists of the magistrates and subordinate officers, clerks of the
      peace. Sheriffs, county clerks, bailiffs, gaolers, surgeons, coroners,
      constables, tythingmen, surveyors, overseers of the poor.
      Knights and burgesses in parliament from the year 1760, etc. With a complete
      list of parishes, towns, villages, hamlets, farms, etc. The annual value of
      parishes, places and property. Names of tythings and places, and the new
      divisions of the county, with map.

      * Boyles Court Guide 1880
      GB1269: $35.30
      Including a pull out map of the West End of London(1880) and many charming
      This wonderful book contains street and alphabetical listings of the name
      and abode in town and country of the nobility and gentry. Included are the
      family names of the nobility, Houses of Peers and Commons, the Foreign
      Ministers, Bankers, Army and Navy Agents, Government Offices, Public
      Societies and Institutions, Club Houses, Inns of Courts etc.
      Basically anyone who was anyone in 1880 London is listed here. The pull out
      map and street directories mean you can find where they lived on the map and
      see who lived next door.

      * Kelly's Directory of Leeds 1908 (with map)
      GB1301: $27.80
      The enormous pull out map will be a great benefit for researchers, even
      those who know Leeds now, it has changed quite a bit!
      A very large and comprehensive directory of Leeds, containing descriptions
      of every place and monument of notice, with alphabetical lists of residents,
      their trades and addresses.
      Plus a fabulous, 400 page, street directory of Leeds. Anyone researching
      Leeds should have a copy of this CD.

      * T. Bulmer & Co's History, Topography and Directory of Lancaster and
      District 1913
      GB1336: $35.30
      The history and archaeology of the town of Lancaster, with separate
      historical descriptions of each parish and township within a radius of about
      sixteen miles.
      Each place has a list of householders and their occupations as at 1913, and
      towns also have a classified directory of tradespeople.


      * Asheboro, North Carolina City Directory 1937-8
      US0115: $18.70
      A very comprehensive city directory with the names, addresses and
      occupations of all residents (in alphabetical order), together with details
      of all businesses. The book also has a classified "yellow pages" type
      listing of all businesses and trades, together with some fascinating
      This is a superb resource for historians and genealogists.

      * The San Francisco Blue Book 1907
      US0117: $21.90
      * The San Francisco Blue Book 1908
      US0118: $21.90
      From the introductions: "The Fashionable Private Address Directory.
      Containing the names, addresses, reception days and private telephone
      numbers of the leading families of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley,
      Alameda, San Jose, San Rafael, Burlingame, San Mateo, Los Angeles, Pasadena,
      Santa Monica, etc.
      Together with the officers and members of the California Federation of
      Women's Clubs, giving over ten thousand names and addresses within 100
      cities and towns of California; also the Men's Clubs, giving the officers
      and members. A special feature being the list of eight thousand names and
      addresses of Registered Automobile owners."

      * The Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror
      US0126: $21.90
      Published in 1906. "A comprehensive and connected account of the terrible
      tragedy that befell the people of our Golden City - the Metropolis of the
      Golden Gate, and the death and ruin dealt many adjacent cities and
      surrounding country. Destroying earthquake comes without warning, in the
      early hours of the morning; immense structures topple and crumble, Great
      Leland University succumbs; water mains demolished and fire completes
      devastation. Fighting fire with dynamite.
      "Illustrated with lots of photographs taken at the time.

      6 NEWS & GOSSIP:

      If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or
      something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish
      your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge
      which I know is out there.

      We have just been informed that a review by Ruby M Cusack, of our book on
      CD of the Winslow Papers, CA0081, has been published in the New Brunswick
      Telegraph Journal. You can read the review on the newspaper’s web site at:

      TPCOLUMNIST10/205170306/-1/lifecolumnists> (make sure you get the whole
      URL.) This is an important historical document and we are proud to have
      been able to make it readily available on CD in a computer searchable

      We are continuing to work on setting up cooperative projects with both
      individuals and organizations.
      We are very pleased that we can now announce that we have now started a
      project with the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives. You can see the Books
      we have received from them so far in the “Coming Soon” section and we are
      working hard to ensure that the project will be extended so that we can
      bring you a lot more of their valuable holdings on CD.

      We are still awaiting our first shipment from our new Irish partners.
      Unfortunately we don’t have any more influence on Canada Customs than you

      * SPECIALS:
      Our new site special is designed to encourage new customers to try out our
      great CDs. All new customers will receive a copy of our recently released
      “Manners and Rules of Good Society,” CA0009 regularly:
      $19.00, absolutely free. This book holds the key to the social code of 100
      + years ago. A great help in understanding the attitudes and actions of our

      Keep an eye open for a new department we will be introducing on our web site
      soon. It is intended to be the equivalent of the lounge area of a modern
      bookshop and will allow you to browse a few pages out of our books so you
      can get a better idea of what they are like. It is going to take us a while
      to get the “samplers” ready to go onto the web site so please be patient but
      our aim is to have a sampler of every Canadian (prefix CA) book on CD
      available for your review.
      To introduce this new department we will be putting up a complete new book
      which you can browse or download absolutely free. For those of you who
      don’t want to use up the bandwidth (time) needed for this download we will
      also be selling this book on CD in our catalogue at our minimum economic
      price of $9.50.

      As well as announcing our new releases in this newsletter we are also
      posting them on the British-Genealogy Forums. I suggest you use the link
      below to go straight to our Canadian page because there are a lot of forums
      on this site and it takes a while to find your way around:
      In addition to posting our new releases you will see that we also announce
      other pieces of news and gossip as they come along. You may find some of
      the other forums of interest if you haven’t visited this site before.

      “Have had a quick look at the CDs - excellent stuff. Now I have to go to
      work.   Such a boring thing work - but it pays for the more exciting stuff
      like genealogy. LOL” R.L.


      Genealogy - Irish and Scottish Surnames in Nova Scotia At the Halifax Celtic
      Feis festival:
      A one-hour overview of the field of genealogy, generally, and Nova
      Scotia in particular, followed by an hour dealing with the origin of
      surnames in western Europe with emphasis on family names in Europe's
      "Gaelic Fringe" (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man).
      Instructor: Dr. Terrence M. Punch - A Certified Canadian Genealogist
      [CG(C)], a life fellow of the Royal Society of Irish Antiquaries
      (FRSAI) and the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society (FRNSHS), resident
      genealogist for the CBC, and a regular columnist in "Saltscapes" and
      "Seniors' Advocate".
      Saturday, June 4, 2005 Pier 21 National Historic Site 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      Halifax, Nova Scotia; Fee: $13.00 + HST For more information contact:
      Scott Long. Program/Production, Halifax Celtic Feis 2005 slong@...

      * BHCD Reunion August 27th. 2005 Rockingham, Halifax,NS British Home
      Children and Descendants Association will hold their 3rd annual reunion on
      August 27th, 2005 at the Rockingham United Church Hall, 12 Flamingo Dr.
      Rockingham, Halifax, NS. Registration 9.00.AM to 9.45AM.
      Special speaker will be Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette, British Isles Family
      History Society of Greater Ottawa, who will speak on conditions in Britain's
      industrial cities in the later 1800's - early 1900's.
      Highlight of the afternoon program will be the unveiling of an Interpretive
      Panel, in Rockingham Centennial Park, to honor John T Middlemore, to
      preserve the history of the " Fairview Home " Middlemore Distribution Centre
      and as a Memorial to all Middlemore children who came to Canada.
      For more information contact: Cecil Verge, phone: 902-681-6697, e-mail -


      * The Kelowna & District Genealogy Society invite you and your members to
      attend our 2005 Seminar "Harvest Your Family Tree" to be held in Kelowna,
      B.C., Canada, on September 30, October 1, 2, 2005.  We have a selection of
      noted speakers from Scotland, England and Western Canada; something for
      everyone, whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned researcher. More
      information about early bird registration, seminar schedule and presenters
      is available on the Kelowna & District Genealogy website:
      Kind regards, Betty Maurice, Advertising Committee, 2005 Seminar -

      Don't forget we can help your group to spread the news. Send us an e-mail.

      Archives of this newsletter showing all the previous release announcements
      are available in the newsletter archive which can be reached through,
      All our newly released books are listed on our web site in the New Releases
      and Special Offers page. Go to:
      <http://www.archivecdbooks.ca/new.html> for an instant update on our new

      Archive CD Books Canada Inc.
      Attn.: Malcolm Moody - President
      P.O. Box 11,
      Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2, Canada.
      (613) 692-2667
      e-mail: Malcolm@...
      Canadian web site: http://www.archivecdbooks.ca


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