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Scanning book - repost with comment - testing for Gordon Lane

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  • E.Rodier
    Original Subject: Guide to Scanning & software news Has anyone seen a copy of the book by Larry Ledden, The Complete Guide to Scanning (4th edition) ? It is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2002
      Original Subject: Guide to Scanning & software news

      Has anyone seen a copy of the book by Larry Ledden, "The Complete Guide to
      Scanning (4th edition)"? It is listed by Global, the genealogy mail-order in
      Ontario 146 pages, plastic comb binding. Lots of advice in books and
      mailing list about scanning for archival purposes but rarely any
      suggestions for planning a family history project with dozens or hundreds of
      pictures for each branch.

      Current project has good results with images of various shapes and sizes in
      a FTM 9 book project using book text items. Some complications with images
      in a FO 10 Journal with multiple scrapbooks because some images need to be
      printed 6 inches wide and others about 8 inches high to read the
      handwriting. GEDCOM opened in a different genealogy program requires a lot
      of editing to print a readable book report.

      Here is an example of a FTM 9 GEDCOM opened in FO 10 which joins facts
      together in computerized sentences and uses a few different fields for
      She appeared on the census in 1881 in Age 1, Lunella?. She appeared on the
      census in 1891 in Age 11. She appeared on the census in 1901 in not with
      parents. She died on May 19, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta. She was buried in
      Woodlawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY. She Memo in Lucy made hats during her
      early days in Calgary. She was a in Lucy and Gordon farmed at Rowley,
      Alberta. She resided in retired to Calgary, Alberta.

      Image file naming system (date first) that I use with FTM doesn't work as
      well for a database with links to dozens/hundreds of images in a single
      folder. Image numbering system based on RIN is a worry for a FO customer
      with 1000 pictures because a GEDCOM transfer required for RootsMate might
      change RIN numbers.

      Advanced features used in a single genealogy program may not transfer
      accurately to another genealogy program -- multiple names, multiple sources
      for the same event, witnesses, location notes, characters used to indicate
      private notes or surnames, date ranges, long notes or long source citations.

      Software news in alphabetical order:
      AQ had a call for beta testers for a new version
      BK 6 continues to have frequent updates
      FO 10 author Bruce is working on a new genealogy program called RootsMate
      FTM has online Knowledge Base updated regularly
      Generations has two packages distributed by Broderbund as of July 2002
      Legacy 4 June 2002 build, some reports missing names from book index
      PAF 5.2 new version available for download
      Pocket Genealogist for Pocket PC has a public Beta
      TMG 5.02 has charts, no reports yet, WinXP recommended by list participants

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