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AFHS Library Cleaning anmd Donations

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  • Charles W Aubin
    Please note that your reply will now only go to the original sender Hi All: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the LEGACY SIG members who came
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2005
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      Please note that your reply will now only go to
      the original sender

      Hi All:
      I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the LEGACY SIG
      members who came out last night to clean the library.
      The following cleanup was done by this group:
      1. Outside sidewalks swept up.
      2. Front door cleaned inside and out.
      3. All tables cleaned.
      4. All fabric chairs vacuumed and metal parts cleaned.
      5. All vinyl chairs and metal parts cleaned.
      6. Bathroom floors, sink and toilet cleaned.
      7. All rugs vacuumed.
      8. All computer and other stands cleaned.
      9. All garbage cleaned up.
      10. Floors swept, vacuumed and mopped.

      The following are a few suggestions that I think would help to keep
      the place tidy:
      1: The outside sidewalk needs swept at least weekly. A lot of dirt is
      thrown up by passing vehicles and tramped inside. Especially with
      spring in the air and the possibility of rain and muddy sidewalks and/or
      shoes. Plus the city is going to be starting 16th Avenue
      expansion--more dirt and dust.
      2: It might even prove comfortable--I think everyone using the Library
      should leave their shoes at the door and bring along their slippers.
      3. The main front window is broken and the owner should be approached to
      contact his insurance company. We were reluctant to clean it in case it
      broke even more.
      4. I was told by the ladies working at the library, that the upright
      vacuum cleaner was not working--get rid of it. The power vac works great.
      5. The mop and go doesn't cut it. We will supply a plastic pail and
      squeeze mop--in the future.
      6. Glass cleaner needed-we will supply.
      7. Clean and flush toilet pads needed-we will supply.
      8. Go two blocks East and have a beverage or snack at A&W. Great
      chatting with each other after a job well done.

      In a different light. The following items have been donated to the
      Library by the LEGACY Users Group:
      1. LEGACY 5.0 Basic Program CD
      This can be used to load the basic program onto your computer.
      This is a fully functional copy of the program and can be used as is
      or updated online to the more advanced Deluxe version. It
      also contains an instructional video on getting started. Give it a try.
      2. Two VHS videos--The Beginners and Intermediate Instructions. These
      were made for 4.0, but most of the information is still valid.
      3. VHS--Digital Imaging For Genealogy--for all, not just Legacy. Covers
      scanning, digital cameras, etc.
      4. Instructional CD--12 Step Checklist
      5. Instructional CD--Ultimate Guide To Sources
      6. Instructional CD--Mastering Events And Chronologies
      7. Instructional CD--New Innovations In Legacy
      8. Instructional CD--Tagging And Searching Made Easy
      These are self loading CDs and can be used as stand alone or with your
      program opened. As these are one of a kind we have asked that they be
      loaned out for two weeks at a time due to the number of people using the

      Thank you, we enjoyed the outing,


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