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RE: archives for Doug Stobbs' stuff

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  • Judith
    Gordon H is exactly right - the contents determine the right archives. They do that by being a match for the mandate of a particular archives. There is an
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 12, 2005

      Gordon H is exactly right – the contents determine the right archives.  They do that by being a match for the mandate of a particular archives.  There is an archives near Mission (my home area as well), the Glenbow, and lots of others. 


      Since Doug was in the East when he died, an archives there should be contacted by his family to do a formal “archival appraisal”.  Such an appraisal determines whether the records fit within their mandate and never has a cost associated with it.  Such “appraisals” needs to be done while viewing the records.  If the records don’t fit their mandate and the records are worthy of archiving, the archivist is ethically bound to identify a more suitable archives (a better match between records content and the archives’ mandate).


      Judith Rempel



      and, among other things,

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      Hi there:

      When I was looking for a great uncle of mine that lived in Blairmore, I
      found a little bit about him on our website.  I mentioned to Doug what I
      found and he told me to go to the Glenbow because an old funeral
      director from the Crowsnest had collected obits and the Glenbow had them
      on microfilm.  Until we know what his archives contain, it's hard to
      tell where they belong.

      Lois Sparling wrote:

      > Please note that your reply will now only go to
      > the original sender
      > Doug Stobbs are wondering about the most appropriate archives to
      > receive Doug Stobbs' research material.  His parents lived in
      > Crowsnest Pass
      and Mission , BC .
      > Lois Sparling
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