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  • Ulrich Haasdyk
    Please note that your reply will now only go to the original sender Thanks to all those who gave me advice in the search for the WWII airman Kenneth Boyd. Some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2005
      Please note that your reply will now only go to the original sender

      Thanks to all those who gave me advice in the search for the WWII airman Kenneth Boyd.  Some of you wanted to hear the end of the tale, and here it is, although we�re not quite there yet in terms of contact between the two parties. 


      A family near Eindhoven in Holland on occasion hosted a number of airmen from the nearby Canadian military installation in 1944 and 1945.  One member of that family emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could find this K. Boyd so some contact could be made after 60 years.  The only clue was a postcard with a photograph of Boyd sent from a specific address in Calgary in the fall of 1945.  The folks in Holland did not have any idea if he was still living.


      I first went to the web and tried Google and 411.ca.  No Ken Boyds matched and there were too many K. Boyd�s to contact directly.  I did phone all seven K. Boyd names in the Calgary phone book, none had any info.  I tried the National Archives but very little info on WWII is found there.  The Museum of the Regiments suggested I write the Personnel Records at the National Archives, but not being a next of kin, this line did not have much potential.  One of you had found a Kenneth Boyd at Queen�s Park Cemetery, but on looking at the CD at our AFHS Library this turned out to be an infant buried there in 1951.


      Next stop was the Central Public Library and its Local History Section.  Through their Henderson directories I was able to find Ken living at the correct address in 1946, but not there in subsequent years, although a John Boyd continued to live there until the house was removed in the early 1960s.  In 1952 Ken shows up as a law student with John Boyd.  I thought this must be the right person!


      Using more Henderson Directories, along with the Calgary White pages, Calgary Civic and Federal Voters� lists, I was able to track Ken through various addresses and employment up to the mid 1980s.  I phoned the Law Society of Alberta to ascertain Ken�s present location.  They were able to tell me that he had retired and that he lived �in the area�, but stopped short of giving me more.  On that basis I checked the phone book for towns around Calgary and located a possible match in Airdrie.


      I of course phoned the number and before I knew it, we were talking about his experiences in Holland and Germany during the war.  He promised to find some photographs that he knew he had somewhere.  The lost was found!  Today I emailed the contact in Holland with the address and phone number of Ken.  I look forward to hearing from either or both parties in the near future.


      Perhaps this may give a number of you some ideas as to how to proceed in your searches in the Calgary area.  In the end, the military portion of the search was not very profitable.  Have any others had more luck with WWII records at the National Archives or Veterans Affairs?

      Ulrich and Liya Haasdyk
      37 Tuscany Valley Park N.W.
      Calgary AB
      Canada T3L 2B6
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