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FW: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER #10 - 17 February 2005

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      Subject: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER #10 - 17 February 2005

      Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER #10 - 17 February 2005
      1 WELCOME
      Census of England - (3 - all also available as parts)
      British books - (20)
      6 NEWS & GOSSIP

      1 WELCOME:
      Welcome to the tenth newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada. This
      newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to make it
      worth your while reading, but we expect that will mean there will be about
      one a month.

      Remember this Newsletter is published for you so if you think we're missing
      something important drop me a line to Malcolm@....

      Newsletters work best when they get a good circulation. We're doing our
      best to let people know about it but you could help us along by mentioning
      it to your genealogy buddies and generally spreading the word. Give them
      the URL


      and they can sign-up directly.

      You can also use this same address to manage you subscription and to access
      the archives.

      A total of 27 new title releases in this newsletter!
      New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.
      New Census and book CDs from the UK.
      News Gossip and more.

      To find a book on our web site http://www.archivecdbooks.ca take a note of
      the catalogue number - or use the "copy" function - go to the web site,
      click on the "Search Page" link and enter, or "paste," the number into the
      "Product Number" box. Hit "Search" and then "More" and you will be in a
      position to reread the description or to place your order.
      There is frequently more information about the books available on the web
      All prices in $Cdn.

      CA0100-2 $28.00 The Royal Montreal Regiment 1925 to 1945
      This is the second volume of the history of the Royal Montreal Regiments,
      picking up when the previous one left off in 1925 and continuing through the
      whole of the regiments involvement in the second World War. Essentially the
      history given in this book ends with the dismissal of the unit from the
      parade marking it's return to Montreal on 10 September 1945 but there are
      two additional chapters which deal in some detail with the individual
      members of the Regiment and a further chapter recounting the history of the
      2nd (Reserve) Battalion from it's formation in 1943 to it's dissolution in
      Completing the volume are a number of appendices giving the Honour
      Role, Honours and Awards, an Index of Persons and a Regimental Index
      (persons and military units identified in the book.) So you can find out if
      the person you are seeking appears in this volume we have extracted the
      names from the Index of Persons and placed it on our web site. The CD is
      fully text searchable using Adobe Reader or equivalent. Please see the web
      site for a far more complete description.
      This wonderful book has been loaned to us in memory of the Late Harry King
      D'All, who served with the RMR in England throughout the war and was
      peacetime RSM of the same regiment. This loan was made possible by his
      children, Helen D'All (Montreal), Dan D'All (South Haven,
      Mississippi) and Maggie D'All Dugard (Pickering, Ontario) as well as his
      grandsons Liam McGintny (Montreal) and Tim & Tyler Dugard (Pickering).

      CA0100-S $35.00 The Royal Montreal Regiment 1914 to 1925 & 1925 to
      - Set.
      This is a compilation CD containing both volumes of the History of the Royal
      Montreal Regiment. Together they provide a valuable and detailed history of
      the Regiment from it's formation in 1914 up to the end of it's active WW2
      service in 1945.
      Full descriptions of the contents of each of the individual volumes making
      up this set can be found under the product codes CA0100-1(The Royal Montreal
      Regiment, 14th Battalion, C.E.F. 1914-1925) and CA0100-2 (The Royal Montreal
      Regiment 1925 to 1945) within our on-line catalogue.
      The whole CD is fully searchable for text using Adobe Reader.

      CA0123 $35.00 The Ottawa City Directory - 1909
      A very complete and useful directory of Ottawa and Hull for 1909, including
      the (then) outlying districts of OTTAWA: Billings Bridge; Eastview (Old
      Cummings Bridge, Janeville & Clarkstown); Mechanicsville; and Rockliffe Park
      The directory gives an alphabetical list of all business firms and private
      citizens; a classified business and a miscellaneous directory; and a
      complete street guide showing the occupier of every building on every street
      and the intersecting cross streets.
      A really valuable resource for Ottawa - Hull researchers.
      The contents of this book have been OCR'd so that text searches may be

      CA0124 $28.00 Pioneer Papers No. 1 - 6, Simcoe County Early History
      A collection of the first 6 publications of the Simcoe County Historical
      Society (Ontario). The publication dates range from 1908 to
      1917 but the subjects discussed date back as far as 1618. (We have not been
      able to find any subsequent publications in the series and believe this to
      be the complete set.) In their introduction the Publication Committee say
      that their aim, "... was to make the subjects spread over as wide a
      territory as the materials to hand would permit." and we have to admit they
      succeeded not only in spreading their interests over the physical extents of
      the County but also over it's history and over the diversity of the subjects
      The earliest recollections concern the establishment of missions, the
      relationships with the first peoples of the area and later, the development
      of the fur trade in the area. Next in date order are the stories of the
      establishment of a military presence closely followed, even paralleled, by
      the stories of the settlers. Many of the articles contained in this series
      of publications are authored by the children of the early pioneers and so
      are, or at least claim to be, first hand accounts. The result is a mixture
      of factual and anecdotal accounts including many mentions of the names of
      other settlers and references to their families and activities.
      The mention of the "claim" to accuracy is included because there is also at
      least one instance of a dispute over some of the facts recounted by one of
      the early pioneers, published by one of the local newspapers. To quote an
      extract, "You should wait until a few more of us old ones join the majority,
      then you will not be corrected:" will give you an idea of the "heat" of the
      The last two of the six publications carry a continuing history of
      Penetanguishene starting with the first recorded visit by Champlain in
      1615 and following the areas history and development as a centre of military
      and naval activities.
      This is a rare and valuable glimpse into the history of Simcoe County, of
      inestimable value to those who's family histories are recounted as well as
      to those who want to understand how the area was settled and what it was
      like to be one of those settlers.
      Fully searchable using Adobe Reader. 422 pages of text plus 20 pages of
      illustrations and one street map.

      4 COMING SOON:

      * Early Shefford (Eastern Townships) Pioneers Our friend who loaned us the
      1909 Ottawa directory is also going to loan us another of her books. We had
      to cancel our date to pick up this book because of the weather so I'm not
      sure if this will make it into this month's scanning schedule.

      * History of the County of Middlesex - 1889 A wonderful, detailed history of
      this Ontario county. From a quick look it gives detailed histories of each
      of the population centres quoting the names of many of the pioneers but the
      "treasure" comes in the last third of the book which is devoted to personal
      biographies of residents who sponsored the drafting and publication of the

      * Canada Directory 1853-54
      A very rare early directory. It looks as if areas of the country which are
      included are those parts of what are now Quebec and Ontario which
      constituted the (then) newly amalgamated Upper and Lower Canada.
      Each (significant) population centre is identified and it's leading
      citizens, commercial establishments, official establishments and travel
      facilities are given together with the names of those running them.
      Looks to be an exciting early source of identification of "ordinary"
      citizens as well as the officers.
      We're hoping to be able to keep to our 3 books a month schedule but the
      Canada Directory looks as if it may be a tough book to scan without harming
      it so this one may not make it until the following month.

      (All prices in $Cdn.)


      C1841SOM: $110.70
      Also available as Individual CDs 01 thru 19 (see our web site for the
      districts included): $16.10 ea.

      C1841WOR: $61.50
      Also available as Individual CDs 01 thru 08 (see our web site for the
      districts included): $16.10 ea.

      C1861HAM $110.70
      RG 9/631-718
      Also available as Individual CDs 01, 03, 04, 06, 07 & 09 thru 13:
      $16.10 ea.
      CD02 (4 CDs): $37.60 , CD05 (2 CDs): $25.00, CD08 (2 CDs): $25.00
      (see our web site for the districts included)


      * Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire 1913
      GB1109: $27.80
      A comprehensive directory of the tradespeople of each place in the county
      along with wonderful descriptions of the local facilities such as churches,
      schools and hospitals. Also included is a county-wide court directory
      (private residents and their addresses) plus a classified trades directory.

      * Kelly's Directory of Shropshire 1913
      GB1111: $27.80
      A comprehensive directory of the trades people of each place in the county
      along with wonderful descriptions of the local facilities such as churches,
      schools and hospitals.

      Also included is a county-wide
      court directory (private residents and their addresses) and a classified
      trades directory . Plus a large colour map of the county.

      * Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1890
      GB1128: $27.80
      An alphabetical listing of the titled, landed and official classes.
      Each name in the book has a brief summary of their genealogy and career.
      Fully searchable, so you might even pick up on ancestors and connections you
      weren't expecting.

      * Cambridge Directory 1935-6 - W. P. Spalding
      GB1290: $21.90
      A wonderfully comprehensive directory (with over 500 pages) of all of the
      households of Cambridge, including a detailed street by street listing of
      householders and their occupations, and a separate alphabetical listing too.
      Added to this is a comprehensive classified trades directory.
      A superb reference source for those with ancestors in Cambridge. Locate your
      grandparents and their neighbours.

      * The East India Register & Directory 1844
      GB1291: $35.30
      The East India Register and Directory for 1844, containing lists of the
      company's servants, with their respective appointments; with indexes to be
      same, and lists of casualties. Regulations and instructions respecting the
      appointment of writers, cadets, and assistant surgeons.
      The rules and regulations of the civil, military, and medical funds,
      connected with the company's service; Births, Marriages, and Deaths in
      India; and a list of the East India Stock qualified to vote.
      London: Wm H Allen & Co., Whittaker & Co., & Gallie & Bayley, 1844.

      * Kelly's Directory of Kent 1930
      GB1305: $27.80
      A typically comprehensive Kelly's directory with descriptions of every
      place and alphabetical lists of residents, their trades and addresses.
      Includes the original pull out map.

      * Directory and Gazetteer of Lincolnshire 1863 Morris & Co.
      GB1307: $27.80
      Listings of thousands of Lincolnshire people with descriptions of the place
      they lived. Each person is also listed with their trade and address.

      * Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire and Hull 1922
      GB1310: $35.30
      With a coloured map and plan of Hull. Incredibly detailed information about
      the county and places. Excellent, comprehensive lists of residents with
      their trades. A real bonus is the complete street directory for Lincoln and
      Hull. A fabulous resource for family historians.

      * Kelly's Directory of Kent 1922
      GB1312: $35.30
      This large directory with over 1000 pages is a comprehensive directory of
      Kent. It includes a fabulous coloured map of the county which folds out to
      A1 size. Unfortunately a small part of the map has been lost due to age and
      use, but it is only a very small part.
      With incredibly detailed descriptions of the history and topography of each
      place plus lists of residents with trades. One of the great advantages of a
      "late" directory such as this is that it is so easy to trace heads of
      household either by name or street address. (In the main towns each street,
      and every numbered house is there, together with the head of household and
      their occupation). Don't think of it as being just a 1922 resource. You will
      find all branches of your family and their addresses, and then go look at
      those same addresses in all earlier resources. That's the kind of
      information that will pull down those brick walls in your earlier research.

      * A History of the Scotch Poor Law In Connexion with the Condition of the
      GB1326: $27.80
      Sir George Nicholls, K.C.B. Late Poor Law Commissioner, and Secretary to the
      Poor Law Board - 1856. This excellent study covers the provision for the
      poor in Scotland from the middle ages through to the mid 1800s.
      Sections include: Acts against beggars and vagrants, gypsies. Parochial
      chargeablity. Overseers of the poor, correction houses, treatment of the
      poor. Parish schools and the Unions. Amounts paid to the poor.
      Croftsmen, tenants. Emigration as the remedy, and lots more.

      6 NEWS & GOSSIP:

      If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or
      something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish
      your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge
      which I know is out there.

      We have been in discussions with one of the well known and respected
      Archives in the Atlantic Provinces and expect to be receiving a set of books
      from them for scanning soon. We are very excited to have made this
      connection and expect great things to come of it.

      Our very latest publication "Pioneer Papers" came about as a result of a cry
      for help on one of the genealogy news lists. Someone was complaining that
      the only copy of a particular book they wanted was an original and far more
      than they were prepared to pay for it. We looked into it and agreed that it
      was a book which deserved to be made available for all researching that
      If you know of a book which you can't find and you think it will be popular,
      let us know about it and we'll be glad to look into it. We can't guarantee
      to follow up but we'll certainly take a serious look for you.

      As well as announcing our new releases in this newsletter we are also
      posting them on the British-Genealogy Forums. I suggest you use the link
      below to go straight to our Canadian page because there are a lot of forums
      on this site and it takes a while to find your way around:
      In addition to posting our new releases you will see that we also announce
      other pieces of news and gossip as they come along. You may find some of
      the other forums of interest if you haven't visited this site before.


      "Thanks for your very prompt reply! This is super service." Ann

      "Thanks so much for the CD's, they are quite helpful Chances are I will be
      contacting Archive CD Books in the near future. And your service is
      Great,--helpful and fun too." Heather

      "Thanks again also for your quick response to my orders, and also for the
      fast delivery service. I received the last order within two days."


      * GANS February Lecture (Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia)

      Title: "Visiting the European Hometowns of our Foreign Protestant Ancestors"
      Presenter: Joan Parks-Hubley
      She is planning a pictorial presentation of their trip to Germany and
      Montbelliard - how they planned the trip and what they learned from a
      historical and genealogical perspective.
      Time: Tuesday, 22 February 2005 at 7:30pm
      Place: Akins A/V Room, Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, Public
      Archives Site, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, NS As always, members of the
      general public are welcome and refreshments will be served.

      * Family History class at Maple Ridge (BC) library, Starts Sunday January
      16th Start Searching Your Family History
      Instructor: Brenda Smith
      Location: Maple Ridge Library - Seminar Room
      5 Sessions: $100
      Sunday Afternoons 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
      Dates: ************** Feb 6 & 20, & Mar 13 Course # 63226 This series of
      five 3-hour classes addresses each beginning family history researcher's
      need for guidance in embarking on a very personal journey.
      To register phone the Leisure Centre at 604-467-7322 or register online at

      * Programs at Maple Ridge (BC) Library
      Local Voices at Maple Ridge Library, 130 - 22470 Dewdney Trunk Road,
      Alan Woodland, February 17, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
      Historian, poet, and Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times columnist Alan Woodland
      has a unique approach to recording family history.

      * Upcoming Genealogy Workshops / Orientations-Cloverdale & Semiahmoo
      Libraries-Surrey (BC). Jan-April 2005
      - Jan 15-Mar 12 Start Searching Your Family History - a Beginners'
      Workshop in 5 Lessons
      This series of five 3-hour classes, developed by writer and researcher
      Brenda Smith, addresses each beginning family history researcher's need
      for guidance in embarking on a very personal journey. Participants
      must be able to commit to attending all five sessions.
      -Lesson 1: ************
      -Lesson 2: ************
      -Lesson 3: ************
      -Lesson 4: Right Forest, Wrong Tree: Interpret Your Findings
      Saturday, February 26, 2005, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
      -Lesson 5: Plan the Next Research Step
      Saturday, March 12, 2005, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
      At the Cloverdale Library, 5642-176A Street, Surrey
      Instructor: Brenda Smith, Charge $85 for series Please pre-register by
      calling 604-576-1384 (local 303 or 304). Payment is required upon

      - March 5 Transferring records/photos on to CD or DVD Saturday, March 5,
      2005, 10:30 - 12:30 p.m.
      At the Cloverdale Library, 5642-176A Street, Surrey
      Instructor: Bill Overy, Charge $10
      Please pre-register by calling 604-576-1384 (local 303 or 304). Payment is
      required upon registration.

      - April 9 Military Research
      Saturday, April 9, 2005, 10:30 - 12:30 p.m.
      At the Cloverdale Library, 5642-176A Street, Surrey
      Instructor: Colin Stevens, Charge $10
      Please pre-register by calling 604-576-1384 (local 303 or 304). Payment is
      required upon registration.

      - April 23; Finding your Female Ancestors Saturday, April 23, 2005, 10:30 -
      12:30 p.m.
      At the Cloverdale Library, 5642-176A Street, Surrey
      Instructor: Diane Rogers Charge $10
      Please pre-register by calling 604-576-1384 (local 303 or 304). Payment is
      required upon registration.

      - Ongoing----Cloverdale Library Genealogical Collection Orientations The
      first Saturday of every month, 9:30 - 10:30 am at the Cloverdale
      Library, 5642 - 176A Street, Surrey. Free of charge.
      Preregistration suggested. If you would like more information, call us at
      604-576-1384 (ext. 5) For more information, see the library's website
      or call the library's genealogy department, 604 576 1384


      Don't forget we can help your group to spread the news. Send us an e-mail.

      Archives of this newsletter showing all the previous release announcements
      are available in the newsletter archive which can be reached through,
      All our newly released books are listed on our web site in the New Releases
      and Special Offers page. Go to:
      <http://www.archivecdbooks.ca/new.html> for an instant update on our new

      Archive CD Books Canada Inc.
      Attn.: Malcolm Moody - President
      P.O. Box 11,
      Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2, Canada.
      (613) 692-2667
      e-mail: Malcolm@...
      Canadian web site: http://www.archivecdbooks.ca


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