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  • Doug Cooper
    Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete the list Address Bill I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2005
      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
      the list Address

      I think it is a wonderful idea and look forward to the chapters.
      Doug Cooper

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      Subject: Digital Imaging

      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
      the list Address

      Several months ago I mentioned to those attending a Computer SIG meeting

      that Dennis Ridenour, who was supposed to have been in Calgary for the
      October seminar, was preparing a newsletter on the subject of digital
      imaging. I received my first copy today. At the risk of upsetting our
      webmaster I'm copying it below. The formatting disappeared in the
      process but the content is OK. If your interested in getting the
      newsletter contact Dennis at the address below,



      Article 1-1

      Here it is, 2005! Wow!

      Here's hoping 2005 is the best year ever for the entire genealogical

      I'd like to thank each of you for your encouraging e-mail and your
      enthusiasm for learning more about digital photography. Those of you who

      expressed an interest in staying with us and following our explorations
      into the world of "digital genealogy" are going to go on a journey with
      a map. Not a physical map, like that of the country, but a verbal map of

      articles covering most of the information and directions needed to use
      digital cameras, tools and methods in the pursuit of genealogical

      Carla and I have always wanted to write a book, and with your help, we
      are going to do an online book to guide genealogists step-by-step
      through the sometimes confusing and difficult world of digital cameras,
      scanners, and software. Those who wish to be passive can sit back and
      read and hopefully enjoy. Those who wish to be active can respond to our

      articles, and contribute to the discussion of topics. They can ask
      questions, and/or relate their own experiences and techniques to help
      make the book as responsive to the needs of the genealogist as possible.

      The book itself will be made up of chapters and subchapters, each of
      which will be sent out as one or more issues of this "newsletter." I
      plan to send a newsletter on or near the15th of each month, with maybe
      some in between. At the end of each subchapter, where warranted, there
      will be section, which consists of reader's opinions, comments and/or

      In addition to the newsletter article, I will post each completed
      chapter or subchapter on the Web in a .PDF format. Anyone having the
      link will be able to go to the Web and download one, some, or all of the

      chapters, and print and assemble their own book.

      Carla and I are excited about this project, and with your help, we think

      we can make it work.

      We will start with a basic Table of Contents and build from there. The
      tentative title for the book is Digital Imaging for Genealogists and the

      preliminary Table of Contents is as follows:

      Table of Contents

      I. Introduction
      a. Forward

      i. About this book

      ii. Who we are as authors?

      iii. Organization of this book

      What to expect from this book

      v. How to use this book

      b. Why a book about digital cameras and scanners

      i. Why digital scanners?
      1. Advantages
      a. Expense
      b. Reliability
      c. Easy learning curve
      d. Easy file editing and storage
      e. Vast storage capability

      2. Disadvantages
      a. Bulky
      b. Delicate
      c. Size, location, and use restrictions
      d. Computer required
      e. Why digital cameras?

      1. Advantages
      a. Easy file editing and storage
      b. Vast storage capability
      c. Instant gratification
      d. No computer necessary
      e. No worry at airport x-ray
      f. Portability
      g. Records sound and video

      2. Disadvantages
      a. Expense
      b. Learning curve

      II. Digital Ethics

      III. Hardware

      a. Scanners
      b. Cameras
      c. Can't do without accessories
      d. Computers

      IV. Software

      a. Scanning software
      b. Camera software
      c. Editing software
      d. Genealogy software
      e. Printed output software
      f. Digital output software

      V. Indoor Research

      a. Extra tools
      b. Libraries
      c. Homes of families
      d. Lighting techniques
      e. Photographing documents
      f. Photographing books
      g. Photographing photos
      h. Photographing heirlooms and 3D objects
      i. Photographing slides and negatives
      j. Photographing Microfilm/microfiche
      k. Photographing those really hard things

      VI. Outdoor Research

      a. Cemeteries and headstones
      b. Locations
      c. Buildings
      d. People

      VII. Traveling Tips

      a. Traveling by air
      b. Traveling by auto or motor home
      Motor home accessories
      Motor home communication

      VIII. Tools and Accessories

      a. Lights and flashes
      b. Tripods and stands

      Simple table stand
      Copy box

      Out of necessity, some of the text for some of the headings will be
      written after the main parts of the book have been completed. But,
      essentially after we have completed the project, each of you will have a

      complete book.

      Over the next year, we will try to put out at least one article a month,

      covering one or more of the above subjects. We will shoot for the 15th
      of each month, with maybe some extras during some months. Since this is
      the first article of January, it will be called Article 1-1. If we were
      to add another article later in the month, it would become Article 1-2
      and so on. February would then start with Article 2-3. This way you will

      always know if you have received all the articles. If you are missing
      one just drop me an email, and I will send it to you.

      Just a little side note-

      We travel quite often in our motor home, and are set up to fully
      function on the Internet so this will not interfere with our work on
      "the book". However, we'd like to also add some of our interesting
      travel experiences, so there will probably be some travelogue in the
      newsletter. It won't be in the book, but I have found that readers
      sometimes like the break. We often come across items that we think might

      be of interest to the readers, this can be hardware, software, or just a

      new way of looking at things. These items or reviews may also creep into

      the newsletter portion.


      You received this email addressed to you and several other people. I
      broke the whole group in many smaller groups to avoid hitting my mail
      server with the entire list at once. I assure you that there will be an
      abundance of information in each newsletter mailing, and I have no
      expectations as to how much the readership will want to get involved. As

      the reader, you are free to participate as much or as little as you
      want; you can just read, read and comment, comment without reading, or
      simply wait and download the PDF files.

      Please reply when you receive "this" mailing so that I'll know if it's
      working properly. Also, please let me know if you decide that you don't
      want to receive future mailings or if you have any problems with this
      type of e-mail.

      Thanks to all that have decided to come on this journey, we are looking
      forward to this year. -Dennis and Carla Ridenour



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