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  • Ines
    Why is this junk allowed on this list? Ines ... http://www.afhs.ab.ca http://www.family-roots.ca
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2002
      Why is this junk allowed on this list?

      At 01:07 AM 10/03/02 +0200, you wrote:
      >Dr. Godwin Osagie
      >Nigerian National
      >Petroleum Corporation
      >Lagos, Nigeria.
      >Dear Sir,
      >I am Dr. Godwin Osagie, a top management staff in the Nigerian National
      >Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and I head a seven-mantender's board in
      >charge of Contract Awards and Payments Approvals. I came to know of you in
      >my search for a reliable and reputable person to handle a very
      >confidential transaction that involves the transfer of a huge sum of money
      >to a foreign account. There were series of contracts executed by a
      >consortium Multinationals in the oil industry in favor of NNPC among which
      >were: The Supply ofY2K Compliant Personal Computers and Accessories to the
      >Warri, Port Harcourt and Kaduna Refineries. Supply of Drugs and Relief
      >materials to the victims of the Niger/ Delta crisis .The construction of
      >Schools, Hospitals and Housing Units in the Niger/Delta Region. The
      >original value of these contracts were deliberately over invoiced in the
      >has now been approved an!
      >d is now ready to be transferred being that the Companies that actually
      >executed these contracts have been paid and the projects officially
      >Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to transfer the total amount
      >to your account for subsequent disbursement, since we as civil servants
      >are prohibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau (Civil Service Laws) from
      >opening and/or operating foreign accounts in our names. Needless to say,
      >the trust reposed on you at this juncture is enormous. In return, we have
      >agreed to offer you 20% of the transferred sum, while 10%shall be set
      >aside for incidental expenses (internal and external) between the parties
      >in the course of the transaction. You will be mandated to remit the
      >balance 70% to other accounts in due course.
      >You must however NOTE that this transaction is subject to the following
      >terms and conditions. Our conviction of your transparent honesty and
      >diligence. That you would treat this transaction with utmost secrecy and
      >confidentiality. That as a foreign partner, you will follow our
      >instructions to the letter. Provide the account required, and competent to
      >assist us on profitable investment areas in your Country in an advisory
      >Furthermore, Modalities have been worked out at the highest levels of the
      >Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Nigeria for the immediate
      >transfer of the funds within 10 working days subject to your satisfaction
      >of the above stated terms. Our assurance is that your role is risk free.
      >To accord this transaction the legality it deserves and for mutual
      >security of the fund, the whole approval procedures will be officially and
      >legally processed with your name of any Company you may nominate as the
      >Bonafide beneficiary.
      >Once more, I want you to understand that having put in over 26 years in
      >the service of my country, I am averse to having my image and career
      >dented. This matter should therefore be treated with utmost secrecy and
      >Kindly expedite action as we are behind schedule to enable us include this
      >transfer in the first batch of this new financial quarter payment. Please
      >acknowledge the receipt of this message via my fax number 234-1-7599774 only.
      >Yours Sincerely,
      >Dr. Godwin Osagie

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