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  • Peter
    Hello Sir/Ma, Good day. I wish to share something beautiful with you but will need your permission to do so. My point of focus is one based on somebody I know,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      Hello Sir/Ma,

      Good day. I wish to share something beautiful with you but will
      need your permission to do so.

      My point of focus is one based on somebody I know, love and have
      a relationship with (whom I think you should meet too). His name
      is Jesus Christ. Please kindly hear me out. But if you do not wish
      to do so, simply delete this message from your mail box and don't
      bother about it in any way. Reading to this point is even enough
      worth thanking you for.

      If on the other hand, you do not mind granting me audience, then
      I imploy you to graciously accept my invitation to read on.
      I believe you will like it. I thank you.

      What I have to share with you is something very important. In fact,
      for me,it is the most important thing to talk about on this axis of
      existence. Sure, all men should pay attention to it.

      It is obvious that this world is a place filled with violence,
      uncertainties and atrocities which mock man's claims to decency.
      But it could have been better. Someone cares and an encounter with
      that caring personality is needed to guarantee lasting ease on earth
      and hereafter because in here is "...no continuing city..."
      (Heb.13:14). Besides, "...we are all as an unclean thing, and all
      our righteousness are as filthy rags;..." (Isa.64:6).

      The all important issue I would like to talk to you about is one
      that borders on where one would spend the rest of his or her life
      after dying physically.

      Listen up please. Confronting every man is this stark (and perhaps
      rude) reality that life continues after his or her last earthly
      breath. Sorry, there isn't anything like the state of nothingness
      after death (Heb.9:27). No. None. Eternity is great! It is endless!
      In fact, it is the lifetime of the never dying God. When we all
      eventually close our eyes in life here, we will surely open them
      in eternity - never to go back to correct any mistake done in
      the past.

      So the best we can do for ourselves in time now is to secure our
      chances of making it at last to God in heaven. And the agent of
      that security is the guy I started out talking to you about.

      He is self existent from eternity past (Prov.8). He could not be
      felt by man's conscious apparatuses i.e. his sense organs, so He
      had to take on a body (Heb.10:4-7) so that He could relate with
      humans like you and I in order to lead us back to God (Heb.2:14)
      from whom we logged off when Adam and Eve, our first parents
      sinned (Gen.3).

      The sin they committed stained the whole of the human race
      (Rom.5:16,17a,19,21). Little wonder King David quipped that
      "Behold I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother
      conceive me" (PS.51:5). Apostle Paul's own submission is "For
      all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Rom.3:23).

      But of more serious implication is it's consequence: The soul
      that sinneth, it shall die...(Ezek.18:20a). So only a sinless
      individual can offer help to it, something my hero did.

      His name again is Jesus Christ. Sinless from the start, He
      responded to the call for a saviour for mankind the instance
      it was made in heaven (Jh.10:17,18) and had to lay down His
      life in the process. "Why" you asked? Well, in spiritual parlance,
      life goes for life and by yielding to the temptation of the devil,
      Adam and Eve caused mankind to lose the life of God (Eph.4:18)
      but Christ paid the debt by dying on the cross of Calvary
      (Matt.27; Heb.9:22) and rising up again on the third day from
      the dead through the power of the Holy Spirit (Matt.28:1-6;
      Rom.6:4;1 Cor.15:3,4). Hallelujah! His action was a clear
      expression of God's unreserved love for mankind (Jh.3:16).

      Now, you and I need to willingly and consciously surrender the
      Lordship of our lives to Him in order to be secured from the
      eternal damnation of hell - out of God's holy presence.

      Please do note today that whoever allows Jesus into his or her
      life, would never live to regret the action taken (Rev.3:20;
      Jh.10:10). I therefore humbly invite you to do it now. The bible
      says whosoever comes to Christ, He would in no wise cast out
      (Jh.6:37). Whoever does so, is assured of eternal life (Jh.3:16).

      If you are ready to do the above, then simply follow these steps:
      First, acknowledge that you are a sinner who cannot save
      himself/herself no matter how much you try to. Second, believe in
      the provision that God has graciously made available for man to be
      saved - Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). Then, simply say a prayer
      asking for forgiveness for your sins in Jesus name and He will
      save you (Ps.51:17). He is only the mention of His name far away
      from you. Your name will then be written in the book of life

      That is when it is said that you are born again. That is when you
      can enjoy the true peace that only His spirit brings (Rom.14:11).
      That is when your own spirit is regenerated to be accostumed to
      His ways (Rom.8:10,11,14; 1 Cor.2:14,15). That is when you can
      safely escape the danger of eternal anguish for your immortal
      soul (Jh.3:18).

      However, you must be willing to depend on the sweet Holy Spirit
      to live a life which is pleasing to God.

      So are you born again or would you like to be now?

      Do take note that Jesus loves you dearly and He wants to save you
      today (Matt.11:28; Mk.10:45; Jh.6:36). Please give your heart
      to Him and you will be glad you did.

      I care about your welfare but God cares more. I am glad you could
      let me talk to you about Him. So I thank you very much for granting
      me your audience.

      May God bless you richly in Jesus name. Amen.



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