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  • E.Rodier
    Help needed with FTM demos and help available with FTM program: Please contact Elizabeth cerear@telusplanet.net about FTM software questions and displays. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2002
      Help needed with FTM demos and help available with FTM program:

      Please contact Elizabeth cerear@... about FTM software questions
      and displays. The new FTM 10, FO 10 released 2001, Legacy September 13, PAF
      5.2 July 2002 are now loaded on the laptop. There is no Family Origins
      version 11. The developer is working on a new program renamed from RootsMate
      to RootsMagic for release at the end of 2002.

      General information about FTM group contact: Lynn Taylor

      FTM group needs help to set up a computer for FamilyRoots October 26 and
      volunteers to stay near the FTM display for parts of the day. Extra
      volunteers also needed at the scanning table. The plan is to have a display
      of chart with pictures, scrapbooks and books printed with various genealogy

      Copies of the handout September 28 and prior meetings available, topics
      below. September was a revision of January 2002. Some researchers solve
      every problem by buying additional software, using a separate file or using
      an extra field. FTM books can be planned without using a word processor but
      do require careful data entry.

      Example: recent versions of FTM have a questionnaire layout option for group
      sheets to print and fill in by hand. Any version can have an Outline report
      with extra space and a note "additions welcome" can invite relatives to add
      information they want to share in a family book. Some researchers create
      their own questionnaire forms. Some relatives don't like filling in forms or
      sharing family information at all.

      I've had the best results showing samples of a familiar family with the kind
      of information desired and scrapbooks with detailed captions. Questionnaires
      and outlines were rarely filled in or returned.

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      10:00 - 11:00 -- September's Topic:
      (avoiding data entry regrets)

      Calendar for 2002-2003
      October 19th ** REPORT CHOICES
      (for info exchange /for books)
      **Oct mtg will be 3rd Sat, not 4th
      November 23rd HOW TO DO BOOKS: I
      December NO meeting
      January 25th REVIEWING BASICS
      February 22nd SCRAPBOOKS
      March 22nd SCANNING
      April 26th HOW TO DO BOOKS: II

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