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      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
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      Some interesting books on cd coming out


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      Subject: Newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada - 19Oct04

      NEWSLETTER - 19 October 2004

      1 WELCOME
      Special Offers
      NEW - Gift Certificates
      Census of England - C1841DEV almost here.
      British new releases (23)
      Australian and New Zealand new releases (2)
      7 NEWS & GOSSIP

      1 WELCOME:
      This is the sixth newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada. This newsletter
      will be published whenever we have enough information to make it worth your
      while reading but we expect that will mean there will be about one a month.

      Remember this Newsletter is published for you so if you think we're missing
      something important drop me a line to malcolm@....

      Newsletters work best when they get a good circulation. We're doing our
      best to let people know about it but you could help us along by mentioning
      it to your genealogy buddies and generally spreading the word. Give them
      the URL


      and they can sign-up directly.

      Our newly released "Directory of Smiths Falls (Lanark, Ontario) - c1948" -
      CA0077, is being offered at a special price of $14.25 (25% off the regular
      price of $19.00) as a New Release special.

      We are still running a limited time special offer on our web site:
      With the purchase of any TWO regular Archive CD Books we are giving away a
      copy of the "1854 Gazetteer of the United States," (product No.
      GB0367: regular price, $35.60) absolutely FREE! No e-mails, no forms to
      fill in, just buy two books at the same time and this great resource will
      automatically be included with your order. This offer won't last for ever!

      With Christmas just around the corner we are offering Gift Certificates for
      purchase on-line at our site. And what a deal! When you purchase a gift
      certificate we discount the face value of the certificate by 15% on the
      spot. You buy a $20.00 gift certificate and it will only cost you $17.00.
      And to make it an even better gift you pay the CDs shipping costs when you
      buy the gift certificate. We're offering a range of 12 certificates with
      face values from $20.00 to $100.00. Not only a great idea for you to give,
      but you might want to drop a few heavy hints to your family and friends
      about what you'd like to receive for Christmas! Go to our on-line catalogue
      and look for "Gift Certificates" in the main menu.

      New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.
      New Census and books from our UK partner.
      New Australian and New Zealand books.
      News Gossip and more.

      (To find a book on our web site http://www.archivecdbooks.ca take a note of
      the catalogue number - or use the "copy" function - go to the web site,
      click on the "Search Page" link and enter, or "paste," the number into the
      "Product Number" box. Hit "Search" and then "More" and you will be in a
      position to re-read the description or to place your order. There is
      frequently more information about the books available on the web site.) All
      prices in $Cdn.

      We've released the three new Canadian books which we promised last month.

      * The History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton by Rev. John Murray
      CA0080: $23.00
      This book was written on the order of the Presbyteries of Sydney and
      Inverness to, "discover and record the history of Presbyterianism on the
      island of Cape Breton from the time of it's introduction to the present
      time" - that "present time" being about 1917. The work was to be done by
      committee but it appears that the bulk of the work was actually done by the
      author, who had then been a minister in Cape Breton for about 46 years.
      What a wonderfully thorough and detailed job the author made of it. He
      decided to tackle the task in three parts: Part I; Individual biographies of
      the 19 "Pioneer" ministers who first came to the young communities of Cape
      Breton. (8 portraits of pioneer ministers are
      included.) Part 2; Descriptions of the 43 identified congregations and three
      "Mission Fields," in which he describes each congregation's development and
      provides short biographies of all their ministers. In all over 200
      biographies are given. (10 portraits of early ministers are included.) Part
      3: A collection of "articles" all of which relate to the establishment of
      the church but which didn't find a place in either Part one or Part two. (8
      portraits of missionaries are
      The strength of the Scottish heritage inherent in the Presbyterian church in
      this area comes through very strongly with virtually every minister bearing
      a recognizably Scottish name. While this book is obviously a gold mine for
      anyone researching an ancestor who was a minister in the Presbyterian church
      it will also provide some wonderful background material for anyone whose
      ancestors lived in the area, because of the great influence the church had
      on their lives.
      We owe many thanks to Nelson Pool, a friend who lives in Cape Breton, who
      loaned this book to The Project so we could all benefit from it.
      The text of the book is fully searchable using the "Find" or "Search"
      facilities of Adobe Reader or any similar PDF file reading application.
      To help you better understand exactly what is contained in the book the web
      site provides its table of contents.

      * Down North and Up Along
      CA0076: $19.00
      Is this just another early 1900's travel book? Well it might be except
      for the extraordinary story telling ability of the author, Margaret W.
      Morley. Margaret was an American who came to Nova Scotia with a
      companion, and who traveled the length of the province, including Cape
      Breton, recording her impressions of the surroundings and of some of
      the people she met. She illustrates her adventures with 16 beautiful
      black and white photographs and three maps.
      What lifts this book out of the ordinary is Margaret's ability to make
      you feel as if you're right there with her, seeing the rugged scenery
      for the first time and smelling the strong, salt laden, air. Her
      descriptions don't stop at the superficial either. The basic geology is
      described in easy to understand terms and she retells the local legends
      and tales as if they were happening today.
      I'm sure that most of us have heard the name "Evangeline," even if the
      story won't come to mind. But do you know who "Glooscap's huntsmen"
      are, or why the loon gives voice to his strange cry? Nor are all of
      Margaret's stories so fanciful. I nearly cried with laughter while
      reading her tale of the boarding of a horse onto the local ferry at the
      dockside in Parrsboro and came to know another horse named Dan who
      pulled Margaret's carriage around Cape Breton - which we're told must
      be pronounced "Cape Britton" when you talk to the locals.
      If you are looking for a really good book which will give you a feel
      for life in Nova Scotia at the very beginning of the 20th century - you
      have just found it.

      * Directory of Smiths Falls, Ontario c1948
      CA0077: On New Release special @ $14.25 (Regular $19.00)
      A rare directory for Smiths Falls Ontario, a town which has strong ties
      to the the Railroads as well as to the development of agricultural
      machinery. This directory isn't dated but from the introduction it can
      be implied that it was released in about 1948.
      There are about 3000 household entries in the directory giving the
      family name, the householder's first name, their occupation, the
      spouses first name, the address and, if applicable, the phone number.
      Some entries also show the first names of other relatives living in the
      same house but are more frequently given as separate entries at the
      same address. The population of Smiths Falls was a little over 8,000 at
      the time the directory was published so it probably lists all the adult
      The business directory section is contained in 6 pages. Almost every
      alternate page of the directory is devoted to local advertising. In
      addition to the directory entries there is "civic" information such as
      emergency telephone numbers, the location of Fire Alarm boxes, the
      collection times for mail and a list of the town's officials. There's
      even a picture of the Mayor.
      The crowning touch of this little gem is a two page map of the the town
      showing the all important railroads, the streets, the public buildings,
      industrial sites, the course of the Rideau river and even the route of
      the "hydro" electricity cables.

      4 COMING SOON:

      * The Winslow Papers 1776 - 1826.
      This is an important historical document originally published by the
      Historical Society of New Brunswick. To quote, "This book will be
      found to contain the largest and most important collection of public
      and private papers relative to the early history of the maritime
      provinces that has hitherto been published."

      * Faugh-a-ballagh song book - 1899
      A friend of Archive CD Books Canada has offered to loan us this
      interesting song book and it's in the mail as I write this. The phrase
      "faugh-a-ballagh" is strongly associated with the Royal Irish Fusileers
      (we think it may be interpreted as "Clear the way") so we are hoping
      those of you with an interest in this regiment, or with Irish roots,
      will find this song book of interest to you.

      * The Ottawa City Directory - 1926
      by Might Directories Ltd. Early Canadian directories are as rare as
      hens teeth, and this is a good one. We were excited to find this
      directory recently and have put it on a high priority for scanning.

      (All prices in $Cdn.)

      C1841DEV - There was a problem with the data from England. Replacement
      data is on its way and will be here soon. All of you with "reminders"
      lodged with us will be informed as soon as it's available.

      * Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences (Vol. 2) (used to be GB0256)

      GB0256B: $27.80
      Abstracts of licences for:
      ARCHDEACONRY COURT 1701-1753
      PECULIAR OF SOUTWELL 1755-1853
      This very thick book covers licences issued in Nottinghamshire between
      the years 1701 and 1853. (In earlier periods, licences were issued in
      Nottingham, and Suthwell)

      * Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences (Vol. 1) (new additional
      information) 1577-1754
      GB0256A: $27.80
      Abstracts of licences for:
      ARCHDEACONRY COURT 1577-1700
      Licences give a lot of useful information to genealogists, as even the
      early ones will state details such as the place of residence of the
      couple, their parents or guardians, their ages, and so on. Information
      which is not in the early church marriage registers.
      This very thick book covers licences issued in Nottinghamshire between
      the years 1577 and 1754. Note that volume 2 (below) does not overlap
      in contents. The licences were issued in a different place.

      * History of the Rebellion & Civil Wars
      GB1119: $61.50
      The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the
      Year 1641 (6 Vols.), by Edward Earl of Clarendon, Late Lord High
      Chancellor of England, Privy Counsellor in the Reigns of King Charles
      the First and Second.
      Published in 1707, and written by someone who not only experienced the
      civil war, but who held a high position at the time.

      * The Scottish Clans and their Tartans
      GB1137: $21.90
      This wonderful little book is full of information about the Clans and
      their tartans. But it goes further than this with short explanations
      about Gael language, Highland dress and how to wear it, Highland
      personal names and surnames and a separate section about female names
      plus a list of Clan septs and dependents (i.e. the clans with which
      they are connected) and designations of Highland Chiefs and families.
      Each Clan's history is briefly described with colour illustrations of
      their tartans and notes about their badge and war cry!

      * Slater's Directory and Topography of North Wales 1850
      GB1201: $21.90
      Classified lists of all the merchants, bankers, professional gentlemen,
      manufacturers and traders, also lists the nobility, gentry and clergy
      and contains an alphabetical list of all the inhabitants of the larger
      towns in North Wales.
      It gives historical sketches of each. A thorough directory which will
      be invaluable to family historians trying to locate and find out more
      about the lives of their ancestors in North Wales. 84 densely printed
      pages. Fully searchable.

      * The Grimsby and Cleethorpes District Directory 1935-6
      GB1256: $35.30
      This directory has an incredibly useful street map of Grimsby that is
      indexed to make each place easy to find. It is full of historical
      information about the area in the 1930's and in it's earlier periods.
      It lists all the services available in the area and important people
      but most important of all it lists the residents with their name, trade
      and address. You won't struggle to find your ancestor at all, they are
      listed alphabetically, listed by trade and listed by street, so you
      only need a small amount of information to find out much more.

      * Kelly's Directory of Suffolk 1900
      GB1252: $27.80
      As with all these late directories, this one is comprehensive and
      contains in alphabetical order, lists of places, names and trades. Very
      easy to use and since it's fully searchable you should be able to
      locate your ancestors in no time at all.

      * Newgate Calendar
      GB1254: $27.80
      Interesting memoirs of notorious characters that have been convicted of
      crimes in England during the eighteenth and nineteenth century.
      Comprising the stories of traitors, murderers, incendiaries, ravishers,
      pirates, forgers, impostors, thieves of every description and essays on
      crime and punishment. The book makes detailed observations about cases
      including the gory details such as the confessions and last
      exclamations of prisoners.
      Not just the crimes of nobles, but the petty criminals and everyday
      people too, in their hundreds. Fully searchable and a really juicy
      Hopefully you won't find your ancestor in here!

      * Kelly's Directory of Sussex 1938
      GB1259: $27.80
      An excellent and very comprehensive directory. Each town, village and
      hamlet in the county is described in detail with information about the
      churches, schools, hospitals and other institutions that your ancestors
      may have actually used in their daily lives. Each place also has lists
      of private residents and commercial traders.

      * Kelly's Directory of Kent 1938
      GB1261: $27.80
      A very comprehensive, late directory. Each town, village and hamlet in
      the county is described in detail with information about the churches,
      schools, hospitals and other institutions that your ancestors may have
      actually used in their daily lives. Each place also has lists of
      private residents and commercial traders.

      * Kelly's Directory of Kent 1899
      GB1262: $27.80
      An excellent and very comprehensive directory. Each town, village and
      hamlet in the county is described in detail with information about the
      churches, schools, hospitals and other institutions that your ancestors
      may have actually used in their daily lives. Each place also has lists
      of private residents and commercial traders.

      * The Dutch Church Registers 1571-1874
      GB1263: $27.80
      The registers of the Dutch Church, Austin Friars London, 1571-1874.
      Contains the marriage, baptism and burial registers as well as the
      monumental inscriptions and a short account of the strangers and their
      churches. This describes the migration of Dutch people to England.
      Listed alphabetically and made fully searchable on CD, this is another
      invaluable source to those with Dutch ancestors.

      * The History of the City of Chester
      GB1265: $21.90
      Carefully preserved since its publication in 1815, this book has the
      history of Chester from its foundation to the present time collected
      from public records, private manuscripts and other authentic sources.
      The book contains a chronological register of important events up to
      1815 and lists Chester's town clerks, recorders, Clergy, Members of
      Parliament and so on.
      The book addresses many aspects of Chester's history, much of which had
      never previously been published. A great resource, full of names, for
      Chester researchers.

      * Dorsetshire Folklore
      GB1267: $27.80
      The author, John Symonds Udal seems to have been a man well equipped to
      write this book, he was an Honourable Fellow of the Royal Historical
      association, Member of Council of the Folk Lore Society and a Vice
      president of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club.
      The chapters explain the customs and superstitions associated with
      particular days of the year, birth, death and marriage customs, weather
      lore, witchcraft, legends and songs, finishing with a chapter on
      children's games and rhymes.

      * Deacon's Court Guide and Gazetteer of Devon 1882
      GB1268: $35.30
      From the preface: "Deacon's Court Guide, Gazetteer and County Blue
      Book: a fashionable register and general survey of Devonshire embracing
      the whole of the towns in the Eastern Division of the county, with:
      from the Northern Division, Appledore, Bampton, Barnstaple, Bideford,
      Chumleigh, Crediton, Great Torrington, Ilfracombe, South Molton and
      Tiverton. In the Southern Division, Buckfastleigh, Dartmouth,
      Okehampton, Tavistock and Totnes. Including, Plymouth, Stonehouse,
      Devonport, Torquay and the city of Exeter."
      Listing people by area and by office this book contains the names of
      the professional and noble classes. Included are lists of royal family
      and their household, the ministry, Privy Council, House of Peers,
      County Families, County Justices, Beneficed Clergy, Legal and Medical
      profession, town councillors and others.

      Like a trades directory, it usually gives the persons full address
      details too.

      * Bibliotheca Cornubiensis
      GB1270: $51.90
      From the title page; "A catalogue of the writings of Cornishmen both
      manuscript and printed and of works relating to the county of Cornwall.
      With biographical memoranda and copious literary references."
      Each entry contains information about the person's publications, career
      and often details about their family too. Everyone is included even
      those who have only been published once. Great information source,
      Visit our web site for an example from the book.

      * The Suffolk Garland
      GB1271: $27.80
      A miscellany of anecdotes, romantic ballads, descriptive poems and
      songs, historical and biographical notices and statistical returns
      relating to the county of Suffolk.
      Collected and compiled by John Glyde and published in 1866, this book
      will prove of great interest to those with ancestors in Suffolk. A
      great way to find out about life in by-gone times is through the tales
      people tell, this book in many ways contains the oral history of

      * Batley From Village to Town

      GB1274: $21.90
      Published in 1882 this is a series of random reminiscences of Batley
      during the previous 30 years, during which time many changes took
      place. It documents its change from a village with a familial feel to a
      middle class population in an industrialised town. Told with real
      people's stories this is a delightful book for those with ancestors in
      the Batley area.

      * Post Office Directory of Cheshire 1865

      GB1279: $27.80
      Includes an 1865 map of the county. The map was in pieces when it
      arrived here at Archive CD Books but we have carefully scanned it so
      you see the complete map and can zoom in and out to get a closer look.
      The directory lists residents with their trades and has the bonus of a
      street directory for both Birkenhead and Chester.

      * Morris & Co Directory & Gazetteer of Cheshire towns 1880.

      GB1280: $27.80
      With Wrexham. Alphabetical lists of residents with trades. Incredibly
      easy to locate people using the index and made even easier as the CD is
      fully searchable.

      * Mawdsleys 1861 Directory of Wirral

      GB1281: $22.40
      Including Birkenhead. An incredibly detailed directory including
      descriptions of the area and population, an historical sketch, lists of
      places of interest and lists of the civl, ecclesiastical and military
      arrangements and more. A great way to locate your ancestor and find out
      many details about the environment in which they lived. Residents are
      listed in alphabetical order by surname and by street address with
      their trade.

      * Mawdsleys 1861 Directory of Wirral Including Birkenhead

      GB1282: $22.40
      An incredibly detailed directory including descriptions of the area and
      population, an historical sketch, lists of places of interest and lists
      of the civil, ecclesiastical and military arrangements and more. A
      great way to locate your ancestor and find out many details about the
      environment in which they lived. Residents are listed in alphabetical
      order by surname and by street address with their trade.

      * The Blue Book of Cambridge 1938

      GB1288: $35.30
      An unusual but fabulously useful directory in that it has indexes for
      each street and person in the town of Cambridge and photographs of the
      town Councillors and Aldermen. It has lists of the committee members
      for every committee in Cambridge, and there were many! It even has
      details about Societies, Banks, Churches, Schools, Theatres and local
      A huge amount of information is contained in this directory. An
      excellent opportunity to discover not only your relatives trade and
      place of residence but also discover if they were in a society, who
      they lived close to, what the environment was like in 1938 and much
      more. Real family history!


      * The Tasmanian Cyclopedia 1931
      AU6005: $45.00
      This second Tasmanian Cyclopedia is a wide ranging historical and
      biographical overview of the state in 1931 - the people, towns,
      industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much
      The Cyclopedia includes thousands of illustrations, the larger number
      of these being portraits of those whose biographies are included. These
      are not just the rich and famous, but include a high percentage of the
      ordinary citizens in each community.
      This CD set includes facsimile images of the entire 420 page original
      The entire text is searchable - names, places and any other words in
      the text. This will pick up many more names than are listed in the
      useful, but limited index.

      * Stevens and Bartholomew's New Zealand Directory 1866-67
      NZ0001: $31.40
      An important early directory of New Zealand including, Wellington,
      Hokitika, Omaru, Picton, Auckland, Greymouth, Timaru, Napier, Dunedin,
      Invercargill, Akaroa, Tauranga, Christchurch, Bluff, Lyttelton,
      Onehunga, Nelson, Port Chalmers, Blenheim, Otahuhu, Wanganui, &c. &c.
      The larger centres are arranged in several sections: alphabetical,
      trades and professional, country districts, Other features are......
      (see web site for full description.)


      Subject: Upcoming GANS lecture for October
      Sorry for the late notice but here is the GANS (Genealogical
      Association of Nova Scotia) lecture for the month of October. All are
      Speaker: Dr. James (Jay) White
      Subject: Military Records and Maritime Research
      Date: Oct. 19th (Tuesday) 7:30 p.m.
      The lecture is open to the public and will be held in the
      Akins A/V Room, Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, Public
      Archives Site, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
      Janice Fralic-Brown
      Recording Secretary, GANS
      NOTE: GANS does not record their lectures. Please do not call or
      contact them to ask for a recording or other record of the lecture's

      There has been nothing else notable from any of the Family History
      Societies and groups we monitor. Don't forget we can help your group
      to spread the news. Send us an e-mail.

      7 NEWS & GOSSIP:

      You may remember that we had some difficulty with the delivery of our
      last newsletter. We've still not sure what the problem was many
      operations issuing "bulk" newsletters are having delivery problems. If
      you subscribe to any news-lists you may have already come across this.
      We have been exploring alternative ways to avoid these problems and are
      trying out one of them in delivering this issue. Another alternative
      is to convert this newsletter over to a bulletin board service where we
      post our articles as we get them and you visit the board to read them.
      If you have any comments about which type of news distribution you
      prefer we'd be glad to hear from you at malcolm@....

      All US customers of Archive CD Books are being redirected to us, the
      Canadian Partners, until alternative arrangements can be made. We are
      dedicated to providing our US customers the usual high standard of
      personal service they have always enjoyed and we look forward to
      hearing from you.

      "Just wanted to let you know that I received my order in excellent
      condition I am very happy. Thanks for the pen. Doug" We have a
      limited supply of pens with our name printed on them. We are including
      one with every order for as long as they last.

      "I'm very pleased indeed with the CD's, you folks do a very nice job-

      Archives of this newsletter showing all the previous release
      announcements are available in the newsletter archive which can be
      reached through,
      All our newly released books are listed on our web site in the New
      Releases and Special Offers page. Go to:
      <http://www.archivecdbooks.ca/new.html> for an instant update on our
      new products.

      Archive CD Books Canada Inc.
      Attn: Malcolm Moody - President
      P.O. Box 11,
      Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2, Canada.
      e-mail: malcolm@...
      Canadian web site: http://www.archivecdbooks.ca


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