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  • Rene Dussome
    Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete the list Address To:
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      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
      the list Address

      To: English and Welsh researchers

      The undernoted message was received by a friend and I pass it on for your

      Rene Dussome

      Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 10:38 PM
      Subject: New surname and first name search facility on 1837online.com

      As you may already be aware, we have been listening to your feedback and
      have re-indexed the entire birth, marriage and death records for 1837-1983,
      enabling you to now research your family tree by typing in the full surname
      of your relatives, as well as the full first name too.

      Previously, if you had searched for a James Smith born between July and
      December in 1867, the search result would have returned a list of 12 images
      to view (costing a maximum of £1.20), as you had to search on the first
      three letters 'SMI'. Now that we have re-indexed the records and you are
      able to search on 'James Smith', the search results should return just 2
      images (costing only 20p).

      Search tip #1

      When you first use the new search facility, you should note that the search
      results will be listed as follows:

      Jul-Aug-Sep 1867 SMITH, George William - SMITH, John

      Oct-Nov-Dec 1867 SMITH, Hannah - SMITH, John
      Fallows VIEW

      These are the first and last names on these particular pages. You can see
      other names on these pages, such as James, that fall alphabetically between
      George William and John, or Hannah and John, once you have clicked on

      Please note that the search results show the page or pages which may contain
      the index entry relating to the person you are looking for. There is no
      guarantee that a person of that name will be on each page in the search

      Search tip #2

      As your search is now undertaken by surname, you should no longer use just
      the first three letters of the surname, as the search engine will now treat
      that as the full surname. One exception to this is, of course, if your name
      only has three letters in it!

      By enabling you to perform a more precise search, we hope you can now search
      for your ancestors more efficiently, more quickly and at a lower cost.


      Free Trial with 1837online.com

      If you have friends who are interested in tracing their ancestors and who
      have never used 1837online.com before, they can now see for free what the
      website offers. 1837online has earmarked certain pages on the website as
      free trial pages, allowing current customers and new visitors alike to view
      them at no charge. The free trial pages are as follows:

      · Births in England and Wales during July, August and September 1868 for all
      · Deaths in England and Wales during January 1984 for all surnames
      · Births, marriages and deaths overseas during 1870 for all surnames

      These pages are available to all users at all times and you can view the
      records as many times as you want. New visitors are not required to disclose
      their credit or debit card details, or even to register on the site, until
      they are happy with the type of records available and until they actually
      decide to buy some units themselves.


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