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  • Charles W Aubin
    Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete the list Address Hi all: I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2004
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      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
      the list Address

      Hi all:
      I thought Global's Newsletter may be of interest as it advertizes
      RootsWeb 2004.
      reguards Charlie
      WHAT'S NEW - October 7, 2004


      -Don't miss the AFHS Family History Convention in Calgary...
      outstanding value!

      - Family Tree Maker Day In Calgary, Alberta

      - New Workshops and Lectures Scheduled at Global Genealogy in Campbellville

      - Family Tree Maker 2005 (version 12) Programs and Manuals are in-store

      - Special Pricing on Legacy Family Tree software extended

      - Family Tree Maker version 11.0 how-to videos reduced to clear

      - Scroll down to read all about any of these topics.....


      Family history convention season is in full swing once again, and it is
      shaping up to be a successful year for those attending events, and for
      the organizations that are sponsoring them. Sandra and I have
      attended several over the last few weeks, exhibiting and selling our
      wares, and speaking on genealogical topics including full day genealogy
      software workshops.

      If you are in striking distance of Calgary Alberta, you should
      definitely clear your calendar and attend all or part of an upcoming
      family history research convention, and Family Tree Maker workshop in
      Calgary Alberta…. The scope of topics and the price of this convention
      is so reasonable that you can't afford to miss it!

      Calgary - Genealogy Convention Oct 15-16, 2004
      The Alberta Family Histories Society puts on a top-notch convention once
      every two years in Calgary. This year, it kicks off on Friday night
      and runs throughout the day on Saturday including more than fifteen
      different speakers lecturing on a wide range of family history research
      topics. There is something for everyone. Between lectures, plan to
      visit the many vendors, including Global Genealogy, who will be
      exhibiting and selling their products in the display hall. The price of
      this convention is so reasonable that you can't afford to miss it!

      Scheduled talks include:

      Wonderful Stories Discovered as a Heritage Writer (David Bly of
      Calgary Herald)

      Alberta Land Records: Patent to Present (Brian Hanning)

      Multimedia Family Histories (Bev Rees)

      IGI: Friend or Foe (Mary Crutcher)

      Chronologies: For Genealogical Success (Geoff Rasmussen)

      Scandinavian Research (Kurt Nagel)

      Researching Canadian. Military Records Using Online and Traditional
      Resources (Rick Roberts)

      Native & Metis Research (Heather Devine)

      Scottish Research (Bob Fyvie)

      Paleography - the Art of Reading Old Handwriting (Janice Cushman)

      Central/Eastern Europe (Xenia Stanford) )

      Archival Sites In Alberta (Judii Rempel)

      Use Your Camera as a Genealogical Research Assistant (Andrew Jaremko)

      English Land Records (Diane Granger)

      Brick Wall Solutions: Going Over, Under, Around or Though (Kay Clarke)

      Japanese Research (Michelle Rasmussen)

      Workplace, Occupational & Professional Records (Xenia Stanford)

      Local Family History Resources (Lois Sparling)

      Irish Research (Eithne Mulhall)

      Communicating With The World: Message Boards, Queries & Email (Geoff

      Writing Family Histories (Ken Rees)

      Mining the Internet

      Getting Started

      More details and registration information: http://www.family-roots.ca


      On the Sunday (October 17th) , Rick Roberts of Global Genealogy is
      facilitating an all-day Family Tree Maker workshop at the same facility
      where the main convention is being held on Saturday. Benefit from
      dozens of hints and tips that will help you improve your results using
      Family Tree Maker. Most people use less than 20% of the capabilities
      of Family Tree Maker. Find out about the other 80%, and decide which of
      those features and options will help you. We absolutely guarantee that
      you will learn new skills, regardless of how long you have used Family
      Tree Maker. Advanced reservations are encouraged to avoid
      disappointment should the event sell-out.

      For more information about the Family Tree Maker workshopincluding an
      agenda, see:

      Family Tree Maker Workshop Agenda (Beginner to advanced users)
      Workshop Leader: Rick Roberts

      9:30 - 10:00 Registration

      10:00 - 12 noon Getting started, entering information, citing sources,
      navigation, adding photos, adding videos and sound clips, tips and
      shortcuts, backing up, comparing family files, etc...

      Noon - 1:00 Lunch Break

      1:00 - 2:30 Creating reports & Charts, Splitting & merging files,
      sharing information on paper, via email, on disk.cd, online, etc...

      2:30 - 2:45 Refreshment Break

      2:45 - 3:45 Creating a book using the book feature in Family Tree
      Maker... demonstration of a simple use of the book feature, then a more
      advanced book example.

      3:45 - 4:00 Final questions and answers
      The workshop is set up in a classroom style. A digital projector
      displays the computer image prominently to a large screen so that
      everyone can easily follow every step that is discussed.

      Questions are encouraged throughout the day... bring your most difficult

      For more information about the Family Tree Maker workshop see:



      Just a short note to let you know that we have plenty of Family Tree
      Maker 2005 in stock now. Family Tree Maker 2005 has turned out to be a
      huge hit with Family Tree Maker users. Many were concerned that the new
      look of the information entry sceens would be hard to get used to
      however the feedback that we are getting is that the vast majority 'like
      it! The new pedigree view has proved to be a very popular addition
      insofar as it provides many new and easier ways to manage and add
      iformation to your FTM file.

      Also very positively received is the new and easy method of exporting
      copies of portions of your family file. It is an easy method that helps
      you to save one branch of your family file to a separate file that you
      may want to share with a relative who is only interested in that one
      branch. It even lets you take out specific individuals that you may not
      want to share info about.

      Getting Started is Fast & Easy Family Tree Maker's Getting Started
      tutorial guides you step-by-step through entering data, searching for
      your ancestors, preserving important family information and stories, and
      creating unique family trees and books to display your legacy.

      New features:

      An Updated Look and Feel: Family View and Toolbar
      Family Tree Maker has been updated and reorganized to simplify the
      overall use of the program, including entering information, moving
      around within your family tree and accessing all of Family Tree Maker's
      rich features and tools.

      Pedigree View
      A side panel makes it easy to view anyone's pedigree through the click
      of a button, while also providing helpful details on a selected
      individual. In addition to giving you a great visual overview of your
      family and making it easy to get around, the Pedigree View will allow
      you to quickly analyze your tree and identify areas in need of research.

      Web Search Report
      With Family Tree Maker's new automatic Web Search running in the
      background, you can instantly view and analyze search results through
      the Web Search report. You can easily compare the information found
      online with the information you already have - side by side! Filter the
      results to show only the ones you're interested in - by their ranking,
      by the type of data (e.g., census record, birth record, etc.) or by a
      status set by you. You can mark a result as something to follow-up on,
      something to ignore or something you've seen and haven't decided upon
      yet. Family Tree Maker provides you with the tools to quickly and easily
      analyze a lot of information to make building your tree a snap!

      New Web Merge Process
      Merging and appending data from the web has never been easier. Now
      Family Tree Maker takes the guesswork out of merging. An easy to use
      wizard guides you through the incorporation of each new record you find.
      You can either accept Family Tree Maker's recommendations and add the
      new data in one step, or you can use the wizard to choose which
      information to add and whether to make the data 'preferred' or
      'alternate' information. None of your existing information will be

      Bookmarks and History
      Now you can quickly jump to the people in your tree that you view most
      frequently by creating bookmarks or viewing your editing history.
      Bookmarks are set by you to identify the individuals you access
      frequently. The History feature automatically tracks the last 30
      individuals you edited, enabling you to jump to recently changed people.

      Helpful Adjustments
      A number of smaller adjustments have been made to Family Tree Maker 2005
      to improve your experience with the program, including an automatic
      notification when program updates are available, a default date display
      that follows the standard genealogical format (dd mmm yyyy), a more
      intuitive toolbar, improvements to the GEDCOM importing process, a menu
      item for compacting the database, and improvements to the process of
      uploading information to a user home page.

      To read more about FTM2005 (version 12) or to order online see:

      The FTM 2005 manuals (32.50 C$) just arrived this afternon so they are
      not on the website yet. Call 1-800-361-5168 to order yours



      Hundreds of you took advantage of the new pricing on Legacy Family Tree
      software to try it out and see what you thought of it. Feedback has
      been amazing. Comments like "I wish I had tried this years ago"; " It
      does things that I hadn't even dreamed of" ... are indicitive of the
      emails that we received from new users of the program.

      Because of a strengthening Canadian dollar we are able to announce that
      the special price of 39.95 (Canadian dollars) has been extended
      indefinitely. That price includes the Deluxe version of the program on
      CD Rom, A printed User's Manual, and a one hour video on how to use the
      program effectively. (if ordering from the US count on about 29 - 30
      US$ plus S&H... we do not collect sales taxes for USA orders)

      For more info on Legacy Family Tree or to order online see:
      http://globalgenealogy.com/software/004-05-deluxe.htm .... or call
      1-800-361-5168 to order toll-free by phone.



      Now only 5.95 C$

      For more info or to order online see:
      http://globalgenealogy.com/software/003books-video.htm .... or call
      1-800-361-5168 to order


      PRIVACY NOTICE: we do not share, trade, rent, exchange nor sell your
      email address nor any of your personal information with/to any other
      party. Your information is kept completely confidential.


      Rick & Sandra Roberts
      Global Genealogy & History Shoppe*
      43 Main Street South, PO Box 659
      Campbellville, Canada L0P 1B0

      Order Desk: 1.800. 361.5168

      *retail div. of GlobalGenealogy.com Inc.

      Sick of SPAM? We tried Spam Arrest and love it! You can get a 30 day
      free trial at: http://spamarrest.com/affl?1880706


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