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Why you should join AFHS and join a SIG!

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete the list Address Hi
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2004
      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
      the list Address

      Hi everyone,

      As I mentioned last night when gathering the information from people joining
      the Ukrainian SIG, we had a few new members. I collected and distributed the
      information on the names, time frame and location of the people for whom
      each member was researching.

      In doing so already two members have found a connection. Mertie Beatty, a
      long-term member of our society, recognized one of the names being
      researched by one of the new members. She had grown up in the same town in
      Alberta as the new person's ancestors had lived. In fact, these were the new
      member's (husband's) gateway ancestors from Ukraine. (Note I am trying to
      avoid saying "the Ukraine" as the person who contacted me this summer and
      was born in Ukraine says "Do we call our country The Canada? So why would we
      call their country The Ukraine?")

      At a family reunion Mertie visited the local cemetery to take photographs of
      her family's tombstones. The Elkow headstone drew her attention because the
      headstones themselves were so interesting. So for this reason and because
      she had been a close friend of their granddaughter, she took a photograph of
      their family headstones. The tombstone for these gateway ancestors gave
      their names, the date they came to Canada, the name of the ancestral village
      and the exact location of this village (e.g. probably raion and oblast). As
      in my own case there was more than one village of this name in Ukraine and
      the new member had been searching in the wrong one! So now thanks to joining
      the Ukrainian SIG and sharing her research interests, she not only knows
      more information but can also move ahead because she is no longer barking up
      the wrong tree (i.e. looking in the wrong village).

      Also because under the Ukrainian SIG on the AFHS site I posted my
      information on my grandparents' ancestral village in Ukraine and the names
      of their parents and grandparents, I have been contacted by a person who
      grew up in that village and helped me connect to a relative still living

      So join the AFHS, join a SIG in your area of research and share your
      information and you too may enjoy this success!!

      I have been a member of AFHS now for at least 15 years (it seems like 150)
      and have never regretted it even for one minute! I made more than one
      connection since joining and have learned much.

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      Coordinator Ukrainian SIG
      M├ętis SIG, French SIG
      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564
      Alberta Family Histories Society


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