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    Great job Adrienne. I suppose as I am involved in this more I will not be leaving so much up to you. I really have little idea on what the background of
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2004
      Great job Adrienne.  I suppose as I am involved in this more I will not be leaving so much up to you.  I really have little idea on what the background of providing the program, but I'm learning.
      Please be patient.
      What about October?   What do I do now?
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      Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 4:31 PM
      Subject: September Meeting

      Welcome back to another exciting year of genealogy.  The AFHS first meeting of the year is on September 13th at 3818 14a St SW.
      Basic Talk: 6:30pm
      Speaker:  Wendy Pitcher
      Topic:  Family History Centre
      Wendy will review the basic services that the centre offers, as outlined in their blue brochure.  She will review where the current centres are located in Calgary, and the unique services each centre provides.  She is joined by Hermes Michelini, who runs the North location.
      Wendy Pitcher is a retired Junior High school teacher and counsellor.  Recently, her mother passed away and so she has lots of time to do family history and is excited to learn and do. Twenty-five years ago Wendy helped her family document and verify 5-7 generations. They visited the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and read films and fiche and wrote and eventually typed everything out on long sheets. This work is in the Ancestral File on Family Search.  Now, she is digitizing this and trying to research lateral lines.  She was called by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be the director of the Calgary Stake Family History Centre in the middle of May. The previous 2-3 months she had been on staff helping with the staffing but mostly just finding her way around.  Everyone has been most helpful and she is good at asking questions and hopes that she can help others.  She finds it is so exciting to find the primary records of her ancestors and get to know them.  She always welcomes suggestions.

      Main Talk: 7:15pm

      Speaker: Xenia Stanford

      Topic: "Settling the Northwest (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta)"


      Discover the social history of the original Northwest Territories that included Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Find answers to these questions: Who settled, where, when and why? What were the impacts and conflicts caused by the various cultures of the settlers and the indigenous people? How did the government try to encourage settling and "settling down" of problems, such as through the Dominion Land Grants, Métis Scrip and other incentives? What were the results of these programs? And finally where can you find documentation on your settler ancestors?


      Xenia Stanford (nee Berger) was born in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to an Austrian father and Ukrainian mother.  From a very early age she listened to stories her paternal grandmother told of life in the “old country” and as a pioneer in Canada.  This led to the love of history, especially social and family history.  In high school, she won many awards for her knowledge in Social Studies.  However, after her first year of university she changed her major from History to English (literature, language and linguistics), which she pursued up to and including the Masters (Hons) level.  She does not see this switch as a conflict in interests, rather as another way of viewing history through the eyes of those who lived it.

      The social history of the Prairie Provinces is all the more meaningful to her because it is where both sides of her family struggled to settle. Now she uses and expands her knowledge of this area to benefit family members and her Métis and other clients searching for their prairie roots.

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