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RE: Peace River

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  • Judith Rempel
    The term district/subdistrict, etc. are used variously depending on the administrative/operational body, and timeframe. Since we re talking about the 1906
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      The term district/subdistrict, etc. are used variously depending on the
      administrative/operational body, and timeframe.

      Since we're talking about the 1906 Census, it's best to stick to the terms
      "1906 Census District" and "1906 Census Subdistrict". Absolutely every time
      the census is conducted, the districts/subdistricts/enumeration areas, etc.
      are reconsidered because they want to balance the workload for those
      conducting the census data collection.

      Districts are numbered/named in the 1906 Census
      Subdistricts are only numbered - but come with legal land descriptions

      All three subdistricts of northern Alberta have already been transcribed

      At the top of each 1906 Census district page on our site (there are 22),
      there is a district-wide geographical description of the scope of the area.
      Each subdistrict noted on a given district page also has a geographical

      From North to South, the districts of Alberta are:

      22 Alberta North

      21 Strathcona - only 3 subdistricts are not fully transcribed;
      need help with #2 (unless Lottie B is actively working on it),
      #13 (unless Obriens are actively working on it),
      #37 (unless Ulrich H is actively working on it), &
      #45 (unless Carol H is actively working on it)

      20 Edmonton - mostly done except for following
      #2 (committed by Willa D - but I've not seen any action for a while)
      $5 this one is on the way I'm sure
      #7 partly done; I think Mertie's distracted by other projects
      #19 Committed by Gerald H but haven't heard from him in a long while
      #27c & d - I believe AGS volunteers are committed to doing these for
      Edm City

      19 Calgary
      #12 - Comitted by Danny H - but haven't heard from him for a while

      18 Alberta

      Hopefully this is a useful update. Where I say folks are committed,
      actively working or MAY be inactively working - there's opportunity for
      someone else to jump in. And - before year end, we want to start working on
      proofreading/correcting the pages too. Very few of the online
      transcriptions have been proofread. Those that HAVE, have a green star
      beside the PDF link for the subdistrict.

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel


      1906 Census Transcription Centre
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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      > Hey -- I know that the Peace River is in the Northern Alberta Electoral
      > District but WHAT IS THE SUB- DISTRICT. I expect an Immediate
      > answer ha ha .
      > That is the area I want to transcribe next.
      > Donna Coulter
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