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Re: Internet Explorer

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  • Ken Rees
    I don t often comment regarding things on the list, but I ll toss my opinion in this time. I use IE at work. I have had no problems, and our company (a
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 8, 2004
      I don't often comment regarding things on the list, but I'll toss my
      opinion in this time.

      I use IE at work. I have had no problems, and our company (a
      multinational) is taking no especial steps in regards to the Trojan that
      is being bandied about. We keep the machines up-to-date with respect to
      the Microsoft security patches. We aren't expecting any real problems.

      Here at home, Bev uses IE and I use Firefox. Again we keep the machines
      patched up, and we are not expecting any problems on either machine.

      I agree that people should make their own decisions, and take control of
      their machinery. From my point of view, the debate hinges much more
      around good security practices than browser choice.

      Of course, this opinion is worth just what you paid for it. = 8-)


      owner dist gen wrote:

      > I use a Mac and Safari and rarely find a site that I can't use. When I
      > do I email them and Apple and usually it is fixed within the day.
      > I have been recommending other browsers to Microsoft Users for some
      > time and those who switched have not had any problems with crashes.
      > As you all know I do not agree with "everyone uses it and so I will to".
      > I think it is long past time that people took control.
      > Also, if a web master is to lazy to make a site work with other
      > browsers then he may be to lazy to site his sources properly as well.
      > My 10 cents worth.
      > Mary
      > On 7-Jul-04, at 14:55, Ann Stewart wrote:
      > Ann's helper wrote:
      >> While most Trojan's, worms and viruses do target Internet Explorer (IE)
      >> users it is a pretty drastic step to change browsers. I have tried
      >> all the
      >> alternative browsers mentioned below and keep coming back to IE
      >> because all
      >> websites work well with it and it rarely crashes. The other browsers
      >> each
      >> have trouble with various sites because programmers develop their
      >> sites with
      >> IE in mind and not Opera, Mozilla, etc.
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca


      Kenneth W. Rees
      Ancestor Find Inc.

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