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Microsoft Says There Is Problems With There Program

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  • Charles W Aubin
    I am passing along another warning about the Internet Explorer program as released by Microsoft themselves. Mary sent a warning to get a partial fix on July
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2004
      I am passing along another warning about the Internet Explorer program as
      released by Microsoft themselves. Mary sent a warning to get a partial fix
      on July 07. I don't care what someones computer guru says as this along
      with at least 25 other warnings I have read including Microsoft themselves,
      says you had better updat and be cautious. This Trojan horse is not spread
      by email but by visiting infected webpages and apparently there are
      thousands of them. So it is not caught by Norton etc. I am just passing
      along what I have been reading everwhere. Just my thoughts Charlie

      Microsoft Posts Security Update

      Associated Press Page 1 of 1

      08:41 AM Jul. 03, 2004 PT

      NEW YORK -- Microsoft issued an interim security update Friday to protect
      users of its nearly ubiquitous Internet Explorer browsers from a new
      technique for spreading viruses.

      The update does not entirely fix the flaw that makes the spread possible,
      but it changes settings in Windows operating systems to disable hackers'
      ability to deliver malicious code with it.

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      Today's the Day.
      The security measure came in response to last week's discovery of a computer
      virus designed to steal valuable information like passwords. Though its
      outbreak was mild, security experts said the technique for spreading it was
      novel and could be used to send spam or launch broad attacks to cripple the

      Hackers had converted hundreds and possibly thousands of websites into virus
      transmitters by first hiding malicious code using a vulnerability with
      Microsoft's software for operating websites. A fix for it had been issued in
      April but was not universally applied.

      Two other flaws in Microsoft products allowed hackers to direct Internet
      Explorer browsers to automatically run the virus when visiting an infected

      Though one of those flaws remains unfixed, Friday's setting changes thwart
      any attack by prohibiting a Web application from writing files -- such as
      the virus code -- onto users' computers.

      The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team urged computer users to install
      the update, saying it would greatly increase protection. But the advisory
      warned other types of attack remain possible.

      Stephen Toulouse, a security program manager at Microsoft, said the company
      still was working on a comprehensive patch to fix vulnerabilities with
      Internet Explorer, but the settings change should protect users from the
      immediate threat.

      The software update covers Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000,
      and Microsoft was working on ones for older systems. The update will also be
      included with a major Windows XP upgrade, called Service Pack 2, later this
      summer. Toulouse said the Service Pack will include additional protections.

      After installing Friday's update, users should be able to lower their
      security settings from the "high" one initially recommended as a stopgap, he

      Russ Cooper, a senior researcher at TruSecure, welcomed Friday's update, but
      said it should have come sooner than a week.

      "It would have taken a couple of hours to put it together as a package, and
      (the testing) process can take a day or two," Cooper said.

      But Toulouse said given the broad user base for Windows and Internet
      Explorer, even a problem affecting less than 1 percent of users potentially
      hurts millions of customers. He said the settings could potentially affect
      legitimate applications used internally by Web developers and corporate
      networks, and special instructions were available to address those cases.

      The update will be automatically installed if computers are set to receive
      it. It is also available at Microsoft's Windows Update site.

      Microsoft shares fell 6 cents to close at $28.57 Friday on the Nasdaq Stock

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