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Re: [FER-GOLD] Grandma and the Family Tree

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  • Mertie Beatty
    Thanks Joanne. I modified some of the lines to fit my own situation and plan to give copies to my children. Mertie Beatty ... From: Joanne Elford
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2004
      Thanks Joanne. I modified some of the lines to fit my own situation and
      plan to give copies to my children.

      Mertie Beatty

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      > >
      > >
      > > There's been a change in Grandma, we've noticed her of late, She's
      > > reading history or jotting down some date. She's tracking back the
      > > family, we'll all have pedigrees.
      > >
      > > Oh, Grandma's got a hobby, she's climbing Family Trees.
      > >
      > > Poor Grandpa does the cooking and now, or so he states,
      > > That worst of all, he has to wash the cups and Dinner plates. Grandma
      > > can't be bothered, she's busy as a bee, Compiling Genealogy, for the
      > > Family Tree.
      > >
      > >
      > > She has no time to baby-sit, the curtains are a fright.
      > > No buttons left on Grandad's shirt, the flower bed's a sight. She's
      > > given up her club work, the serials on TV, The only thing she does
      > > nowadays is climb the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > She goes down to the Courthouse and studies ancient lore,
      > > We know more about our forebears than we ever knew before.
      > > The books are old and dusty, they make poor Grandma sneeze,
      > > A minor irritation when you're climbing Family Trees.
      > >
      > > The mail is all for Grandma,it comes from near and far,
      > > Last week she got the proof she needs to join the DAR.
      > > A worthwhile avocation, to that we all agree,
      > > A monumental project, to climb the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > Now some folks came from Scotland and some from Galway Bay, Some were
      > > French as pastry, some German, all the way. Some went on West to stake
      > > their claim. Some stayed near by the sea. Grandma hopes to find them all
      > > as she climbs the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > She wanders through the graveyard in search of date or name, The rich,
      > > the poor, the in-between, all sleeping there the same. She pauses now
      > > and then to rest, fanned by a gentle breeze, That blows above the
      > > Fathers of all our Family Trees.
      > >
      > > There were pioneers and patriots mixed in our kith and kin, Who blazed
      > > the paths of wilderness and fought through thick and thin. But none more
      > > staunch than Grandma, whose eyes light up with glee, Each times she
      > > finds a missing branch for the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > Their skills were wide and varied, from Carpenter to Cook,
      > > And one (Alas) the record shows was hopelessly a crook. Blacksmith,
      > > weaver,farmer,judge,some tutored for a fee. Long lost in time, now all
      > > recorded on the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > To some it's just a hobby, to Grandma it's much more,
      > > She knows the joys and heartaches of those who went before. They
      > > loved,they lost,they laughed, they wept, and now for you and me, They
      > > live again in spirit, around the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > At last she's nearly finished and we are each exposed.
      > > Life will be the same again, this we supposed !
      > > Grandma will cook and sew, serve cookies with our tea.
      > > We'll all be fat, just as before that wretched Family Tree.
      > >
      > > Sad to relate, The Preacher called and visited for a spell,
      > > We talked about the Gospel, and other things as well,
      > > The heathen folk, the poor- and then- 'twas fate, it had to be, Somehow
      > > the conversation turned to Grandma and the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > We tried to change the subject, we talked of everything,
      > > But then in Grandma's voice we heard that old familiar ring. She told
      > > him all about the past and soon was plain to see, The Preacher, too, was
      > > nearly snared by Grandma and the Family Tree.
      > >
      > > He never knew his Grandpa, his mother's name was ..Clark?
      > > He and Grandma talked and talked, outside it grew quite dark. We'd hoped
      > > our fears were groundless, but just like some disease, Grandma's become
      > > an addict--- She's hooked on Family Trees.
      > >
      > > Our souls were filled with sorrow, our hearts sank with dismay, Our
      > > ears could scarce believe the words we heard our Grandma say, "It sure
      > > is a lucky thing that you have come to me, I know exactly how it's done,
      > > I'll climb your Family Tree.
      > >
      > > Author Unknown.
      > >
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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