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RE: Disinterment

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Several years ago I inquired about moving my father from Prince George to Rocky Mountain House where most of the deceased family is buried. I found out the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2004
      Several years ago I inquired about moving my father from Prince George to Rocky Mountain House where most of the deceased family is buried. I found out the following:
      1. You have to obtain permission of the next of kin. In my case that was my eldest brother. In the case of an adult the next of kin is his/her legal spouse and if the spouse is deceased or the couple divorced prior to the request to move, it then falls to the children - in order by age. If there is no spouse or children then authority passes to siblings (again usually to the eldest) or if no current generation I suppose it would then be up to the grandchildren.
      2. Once the necessary approval has been obtained, the next step is cremation of the unopened casket and the remains together. Then how you move the ashes is up to you. You can collect them yourself or have them shipped. Remains are not shipped by regular means but handled separately by courier or assignee. These were B.C. rules but I imagine it would be similar in the rest of Canada.
      I helped a woman bring her brother's remains from a foreign country and the rules were pretty much the same. Shipping a body in a casket might work for a deceased soldier being brought back in an army carrier but otherwise any transportation of remains includes cremation as the first step.
      Ask the funeral home that buried him or whatever funeral home currently deals with that cemetery. They will know the procedure or whom to contact. I started by asking the funeral home in Rocky and they found out and referred me to the appropriate funeral home in Prince George. Although we decided to leave my father there for the time being it was a useful request because the processing the paperwork included the information recorded at the time of his death - i.e. where he died, the cause of death, to whom the body was released, etc. Since he died when his children were young, this information was not known or passed on to us. It included more and/or different information than the genealogical copy of his death record.
      Since then I have dealt many times with funeral homes to find out information for clients whether the specific request includes moving the body or not. Most are cooperative if the request is pleasant and you are patient while they deal with current funerals. The records are usually down in some basement or archived somewhere offsite.
      à bientôt,

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      I received this email the other day and wondered if anyone knew about disinterment



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      From: yvonne [mailto:ymoen@...]
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      Subject: attention gordon lane??


      I am doing some history on a person?? buried at burnsland cemetery??


      we are doing some work on our pioneer cemetery- and the land for the cemetery was donated in 1909- by - charles weeks- who is buried at the burnsland cemetery?? 1925-


      would it been nice if he could of been buried at his own cemetery??


      at the time of his death- he had been on a trip back to his home land - new burnswick- and was on the train on his way home to terrace- when he became ill. and died in calgary- and then buried there- and we only have found out now that he is buried at this cemetery


      >would there be a chance he could be moved?? wow-


      can you see what you can do??


      very unusual to do this I think??


      thanks for your time - yvonne moen-in hot- hot terrace

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