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RE: Quebec birth cert.

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi Ken, The site you give is for the Quebec Family History Society - in other words the equivalent of the AFHS for Quebec. This does change what I replied to
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      Hi Ken,
      The site you give is for the Quebec Family History Society - in other words the equivalent of the AFHS for Quebec. This does change what I replied to Kathy.
      Quebec records from 1620 to 1900 are in the "National Archives of Quebec" and the "certificates" can be obtained from the Civil Registrar of Quebec http://www.dec.gouv.qc.ca/ENGLISH/ 
      However, besides the name of the individual you need to know the parish and the date. Retrieving the relevant parish record is much more valuable than obtaining the certificate from the registrar. If the date and parish is not known, the QFHS offers a research service. For the page most relevant to that go to http://www.cam.org/~qfhs/srch.html#bmd
      If the parish and date is known, it is still best to retrieve it from the parish register of which many have been microfilmed and are available from the Family History Center in Salt Lake -  via local Family History Centre or requesting a copy of the page if date and parish are known.
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      It depends on the location and date of the birth for how you go about accessing it. Quebec vital records were not centralized before January 1, 1994. Only records from January 1, 1994 are accessible without knowing exact location/parish.
      For certificates from January 1, 1994 on, you can go to http://www.dec.gouv.qc.ca/ENGLISH/ 
      Be sure to read the instructions and to whom the information can be released. The cost is $20 per certificate.
      If you are looking for a certificate earlier than the above date, it is more complicated. Besides the name you have to know the parish and the exact date. If the dob is prior to 1900, you will likely be able to obtain it but if you require anything between 1900 to current, you have to be the named person, the parent in the case of minors or the next of kin if the person is deceased. I think even in the case of a deceased person born between 1900-1993, you may need a lawyer to obtain the document for legal purposes.
      If the required document predates 1900, then it is better to use the parish records rather than asking for it from the Quebec vital records office above. Most parish records are available on microfilm from FHL. Do a location search online to find the relevant film number for the parish and year required. If there is only one record required and you give the name and exact date for the record on that film, you can order just the copy of the relevant page from FHL.
      Click on Family History Library Catalog
      Select Place Search
      For Place: Type in name of parish or town required
      For Part of: Type in Quebec
      Look for parish registers by date range to find the correct film.
      If parish and exact date is not known, there are some indexes available - again depending upon the time period and exact place. Some places (e.g. Montreal, Quebec City) had more than 1 parish. In other places one parish may have closed and/or another opened. It takes a person with expertise to find it, if the exact information is not already known.
      I can help. Advice free. To do actual search to obtain relevant information and/or document, see fees on my web page at http://www.knowmap.com/age/

      à bientôt,

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      Subject: Quebec birth cert.

      I know there must be some of you who have obtained certificates from Quebec.  Could you give me an URL to go to that is in English or just explain how you went about it and the cost?
      I am writing for someone in New Zealand who wants a birth certificate so I said I would try to find out for her.  What would be the best way for her to go about it?
      Kathy Kashuba
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