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    STONE QUARRY CLOSE ROBBEN GULF. GULF OCEAN DUBAI U.A.E SUBJECT RELOCATTON PARTNERSHIP TEL +8821-333-53443 FAX +88216-333-54526 Please don t be offended or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2004
      TEL +8821-333-53443
      FAX +88216-333-54526

      Please don't be offended or surprised to receive this mail which
      is sent without you prior permission since we do
      not know each other before now but we will meet soon because of my
      situation..I got your contact through network online hence decided to
      write you becausec of my desperate situation,


      I strongly believe that this massage would come to you as a surprise.
      Infact, it is in respect of the strict confidence given to me that you
      are honest and versatile in business that motivated my interest to seek your
      co-operation in this tranasction my father is late general L CAMPBELL the former vice president of
      UNITA. rebels in Angola. He was the chairman of Angola petroleum monitoring committee (APMC)
      1992 to 2002.sadly He died after an injury sustained during the ambush on the UNITE rebels on 27 february 2002
      where the president of UNITA,Dr jonas savimbi was killed as you might have know,

      petroleum is the major revenue in Angola C.A my father made a lot of
      money thruogh the job but could not invest the money
      immediately to avoid probe by the military goverment. He was able to
      savethe sum of $75.5M MILLION DOLLARS,

      He deposited this sum with a security firm in Ghana Africa. the
      document used in these deposit, together with the key of the safe
      and the real picture of this money are with my mother. In my fathers
      will, He instructed the this money must be invested overseas with the
      help of a foreigner, who is reliable and trustworthy so as to avoid brobe by the federal
      goverment of Angola since He was the general in the war torn Angola,
      and could not haveamassed such wealth legally. with his death i came to
      Dubai UAE where i am now on self exile with my mother
      i now seek your co-operation to assist us in truth and sincerity hoping
      in God that you will naver let us down to come down here in DUBAI U.A.E
      so that we shall arrange a face to face meeting with my lawyer to enable us see
      this fund can be moved and you can see it in real cash with your
      physical eyes. and more importantly to asist us open an account for with your name
      so that we can deposit this money into the compeny account for
      tranferinto your save foreign account which you will provide.
      My mother and i have agreed to give 25% of the total sum to you while
      70% will be for my mother and i .while the remaining 5%
      will be used to offset of bills incurred in the course of the transfer
      above all the must importent thing is to assist us to relcoate to your
      coumtry to live and to also

      to assist us look for a safe and profitable busines there in your
      country to invest this money. when i recieved your favourable respond
      I will send to you all the details and document as i wait for your respond,


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