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South African Genealogy - virtual branch

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  • Xenia Stanford
    My South African client is happy. We found some of her relatives by searching through some of the databases at
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 21, 2004
      My South African client is happy. We found some of her relatives by
      searching through some of the databases at

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      Thank you for your suggestion, but the Mennonite Historical Society of
      Alberta is pretty unlikely to have anyone who has S.A. roots.

      I would, however, be happy to circulate this to another group - the Alberta
      Family Histories Society which is also located in Calgary - where there is a
      good chance that there are interested persons.

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      >Good afternoon
      >Would it be possible for you to post the following announcement on your
      list - I do not know if some of your members might be interested in South
      African Genealogy:
      >Colin Pretorius
      >It is with great pleasure that we announce the dawning of a new era in
      >African genealogy. After lengthy discussions involving people
      >interested in promoting South African genealogy, ideas and plans came
      >together to make it possible for the Genealogical Society of South Africa
      >(GSSA) to open a virtual branch.
      >This branch is known as eGSSA.
      >For many years there have been people who, for various reasons, could not
      >join a regular GSSA branch. Some of these reasons include living too far
      >from a branch or living outside South Africa. These people still have a
      >need to belong to a branch and to enjoy the benefits of GSSA membership,
      >such as receiving GSSA's flagship quarterly journal, Familia. GSSA has
      >established to meet these needs.
      >We plan for members of eGSSA to be able to hold virtual meetings in the
      >future, either via streaming technology or in a chat room a-la-MSN. .
      >It is also planned that eGSSA will make some of the GSSA products available
      >electronically, and that some databases could be placed on the Internet for
      >search purposes. This all depends on the availability of storage capacity.
      >eGSSA's website is currently hosted at
      >The management eGSSA team is as follows:
      >Branch Chairperson: Colin Pretorius (based in Australia)
      >Secretary: Anne Lehmkuhl (based in Canada)
      >Technical services: Richard Ball (based in the UK)
      >Ex Officio: Martin Zöllner (based in South
      >Regional representatives:
      >Australia/NZ/Oceania/Asia: André van Rensburg (based in Australia)
      >North & South America: Anne Lehmkuhl (based in Canada)
      >Europe & the UK: Richard Ball (based in the UK)
      >Africa & the Middle East: Daan Hamman (based in South Africa)
      >The membership fees given below include an electronic copy of
      >Familia, the Society's quarterly journal, as well as the virtual branch's
      own quarterly newsletter/journal, called genesis. Other
      >benefits include discounts on some CD products.
      >South Africa R115 ( R90 per annum GSSA fee
      >& R25 eGSSA fee) .
      >Rest of Africa and Middle East : US $ 22
      >North and South America US $22
      >United Kingdom GBP 11
      >Europe Euro 18
      >Aus/NZ/Oceania/Asia Aus $ 25
      >Payments for residents IN South Africa can be done via Absa, while
      >payment for residents OUTSIDE South Africa will be done via Paypal
      >(Australian and NZ prospective subscribers can contact Colin Pretorius for
      >additional options)
      >For those people who are not currently GSSA members, or cannot join a
      >current branch, this is an ideal opportunity to become part of GSSA and to
      >step into this exciting era.
      >The contact email address is eggsa@...

      In kinship, Judith Rempel
      Library & Archives Coordinator

      Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
      Canadian Registered Charity: #86568 6166 RR0001
      Registered Canadian Charity #86568 6166 RR0001

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