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RE: Bank Notes/Funny Money

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi George, After Alberta became a province it suffered financially and started the dirty thirties in massive debt. Looking for a way to bring Alberta and its
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2004
      Hi George,

      After Alberta became a province it suffered financially and started the
      "dirty thirties" in massive debt. Looking for a way to bring Alberta and its
      citizens out of poverty William Aberhart, who was not yet the Premier,
      became interested in the monetary ideas of Major C.H. Douglas, who espoused
      state supervision of credit and dividend payments to citizens. In 1935
      Aberhart promised he would issue $25 vouchers to all Albertans. The next day
      there were long lineups of people waiting for their $25 as promised but
      there was no such voucher created at that time. However, on this basis
      Aberhart was persuaded to become Premier by acclamation. The citizens had to
      "wait" until 1937 for their $25 as that was when the Alberta government
      introduced "Prosperity Certificates". The federal government declared these
      illegal because the issue of currency was their jurisdiction. The Alberta
      government made sure these "Prosperity Certificates" were all honoured in
      Alberta. The media and others called these certificates "funny money". This
      sounds a little too early to be the ones you describe but later the Alberta
      government under Aberhart created "Credit Unions", the Alberta Treasury
      Branch banks and a system of "social credit" vouchers. These were to be paid
      by the ATB to anyone who bought Alberta made products or services. MLAs had
      part of their salaries paid in these credits and if they did not buy Alberta
      made products or services they could not use of this portion of their pay.
      Through these and other legislation passed by the Alberta Government and
      deemed illegal by the feds Aberhart was able to bring Alberta out of debt.
      Aberhart died in 1943 but the reforms he started had Alberta's debt paid off
      by 1949 and the province remained debt free until 1971. When the Tories took
      over in 1971 there was eight billion dollars in the bank. I am not saying
      this based on any political agenda as Aberhart was long-dead before I was
      even born. However, this is what the history books tell me!

      One such book contains photos and descriptions of various types of
      alternative monetary schemes in Canada so if you wish to send the pictures
      of the "funny money", I will see if I can find them in the book.

      The history of Canada's alternative methods of creating their own money
      dates back to 1685 when there was a shortage of French money in Canada. Thus
      "playing card money" was issued to provide currency until the ships from
      France came with new supplies. See
      http://www.canadianheritage.org/reproductions/21764.htm but don't be fooled
      by their blurb which says it was used in France - it was solely created in
      and for "New France". In fact, the French government objected strongly to
      this monetary system and finally forced it out of existence in 1719. This
      just proves you cannot believe everything on the Internet even when it is
      issued by a supposed authoritative source.

      a bientot,

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
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      Subject: Bank Notes/Funny Money

      Hi All:
      I have an enquiry about whether something that looks like cheques or
      receipts might be 'Funny Money' issued by the Aberhart government. There
      are 3 documents dated in 1943/44 in a single jpg scan of about 44k
      total. They each seem to have a bank stamp suggesting they have been
      processed by Treasury Branch.
      If anyone on the list with banking or money expertise thinks they might be
      able to identify these email me and I will email the jpg file.
      Thanks for the help.

      George Lake
      Chairman, Alberta Family Histories Society
      Calgary Canada

      email: chairman@...
      AFHS Website: www.afhs.ab.ca

      my website: www.glake.ca


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