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March Meeting

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  • Adrienne Horne
    The next AFHS meeting is on March 1 at the First Christian Reformed Church (FCRC); 3818 14a St SW. Basics Session: 6:30pm Topic: Calgary Based Research
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004
      The next AFHS meeting is on March 1 at the First Christian Reformed Church (FCRC); 3818 14a St SW. 
      Basics Session: 6:30pm
      Topic: Calgary Based Research  
      Catherine Mayhood from the Genealogy section at The Calgary Public Library will discuss the major genealogical sources at the Calgary Public Library including the materials in the Local History Room.She will touch on census records, immigration lists, vital records lists and indexes, land records, and directories and phone books. She will also briefly cover some specific library policies and services.
      Cathy Mayhood has been a library assistant with the 4th Floor Department of the Calgary Public Central Library for the past 17 years where her duties encompassed overseeing the Genealogy Collection. In this position she has given talks and tours relating to the genealogical sources of the Public Library.
      Main Meeting: 7:15pm

      Topic: Icelandic Genealogy

      Nelson Gerrard will give a slide lecture entitled: "In Search of New Iceland".  It explores the root causes of emigration from Iceland, the search for a settlement site in North America, and the eventual founding of "New Iceland" on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.  He will also touch on a number of widespread misconceptions about immigration in general and debunk several "myths" relating to the Icelandic experience. 

      Nelson Gerrard was born and raised in rural Manitoba and is descended from Scottish immigrants on his father's side and early Icelandic settlers in New Iceland on his mother's side.   Nelson attended the University of Manitoba and later studied at the University of Iceland for three years to learn the language and the fundamentals of genealogical and historical research.  Along with teaching high school for the last 25 years, he has specialized in the history of Icelandic immigration and settlement in North America, with a
      focus on New Iceland, and has published two books, an 850 page volume entitled Icelandic River Saga and The Icelandic Heritage. 

      Nelson is presently on a one year sabbatical, working on an exhibit and book called Silent Flashes, both of which explore early photography among the Icelandic immigrants in North America during the period from 1870 to 1910.  Also in the works is a three volume history called Gimlunga Saga, which documents the story of pioneer families in the Gimli area.

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