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Re: Microsoft patch

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  • From Brian
    The Microsoft link to the patch doesn t mention Windows 98 but the article http://www.computerworld.com/securitytopics/security/holes/story/0,10801,898
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2004
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         The Microsoft link to the patch  doesn't mention Windows 98 but the article
      from Computerworld says in the last paragraph that IE 6, Service Pack 1 will work with Windows 98. It also hints why it is not shown on the  MS download page when it says it is the extended support phase of its life cycle. I installed the "Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1:" and not the 64 bit version. I think the 64 bit version would only be for the newest  PC's that have  that capability.
         I found another page on MS than talks about patching IE for Windows 98. Here it is
      The second column says "Urgent Action". Clicking this and then a link on that page takes you to the update page we were talking about before. This says to me that in a round about way MS is saying 98 users need to update, too. There way of making it challenging enough that it speeds people moving to XP.
         I think the one thing to check is what version of Internet Explorer you have. Mine shows

      after the patch. If you have a version older than version 6, you probably need to update to IE 6 first. I would. Maybe the current install will put in the patch automatically. Check for the Q832894 in update versions after that install. The IE 6 file to install is the third link in the second column of the windows98/default.asp shown above.
         I hope this answers all of your questions.


      At 11:10 PM 2/10/04 Tuesday, you wrote:
      The article doesn't include Windows 98 in the warning. Does it not apply to
      We are supposed to be protected until 2006.
      Please answer -- AND should I check the patch.?

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      > Microsoft warned customers Tuesday about a serious security problem with
      > its Windows software, saying users should download a patch immediately.
      > FULL STORY:
      > http://cbc.ca/stories/2004/02/10/microsoft_040210
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