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Re: Viruses and Worms

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  • Carol Lylyk
    Hello Brian I haven t had a chance yet to check out that article but I will. I did manage to clean some of the Gbs. out of that folder by going to System
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      Hello Brian
      I haven't had a chance yet to check out that article but I will.  I did manage to clean some of the Gbs. out of that folder by going to System Tools and then to Disk Cleanup.  One of the options there is to reduce space taken up in storage in the Restore folder. It is down to about 14.9 Gbs. now. 
      Is it safe for me to assume that I don't have a virus or worm in my computer seeing as I got 2 negative reports?  A friend who has the identical computer assured me that I must have one and that it was replicating itself in the Restore folder. 
      I will run that Spybot program again (hopefully I can remember what I did last time) and hopefully that helps.
      Thanks once again for your help.
      Carol Lylyk
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 8:24 AM
      Subject: Re: Viruses and Worms

         Carol, there was an article on LangaList a couple of months ago about the system restore problem. Here is the link to the issue
      The discussion was article three of the issue. He covered it very well.

         I would do like Donna suggested, too. Run Spybot Search and Destroy to see if there are any spybots. Norton will find the viruses and such, but it is good to check for spybots which may be slowing down your system. If you haven't used Spybot S & D for a while, check for updates. The last update was Dec 31.
         If you don't have Spybot S & D, the link to the new site is
      http://www.safer-networking.org/ .


      At 06:58 PM 1/27/04 Tuesday, you wrote:
      A question for the "ones that know the answers".  I have run Norton Anti-virus (with the latest updates) and PCcillin - House Call virus scan and come up clean.  Does that mean that I can assume this is so or could there be a little &^???***# lurking some where in my computer?  Do these virus scans seek out worms as well as viruses?
      I have Windows ME which has a System Restore feature which for some reason seems to be taking up 23.3GBytes on my hard drive out of 40 Gbytes that is on the computer. 
      This is from the Norton Help site and explains how to disable the System Restore to purge it of any virus that might be in there.  If I don't have a virus/worm why would there be so much space used up. 
      Please answer in words of one or two syllables so I can understand,  Thanks. 
      Carol Lylyk
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