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  • Ellen Kinghorn
    Hi Everyone: This is a special note to all members of the AFHS. We fast have a deadline coming up for CHINOOK and wonder if any of you would like to take
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2002
      Hi Everyone:  This is a special note to all members of the AFHS.  We fast have a deadline coming up for CHINOOK and wonder if any of you would like to take this opportunity to get some coverage of your genealogy and family history? 
      Two areas you can take advantage of are:
      1/ Queries - a listing of surnames you are seeking, location and time period included - or the following example for difficult ones:
      BELL: Eliza BELL b 1841 Belfast IRE wf/o Joseph ARMSTRONG who d 1885 in hotel fire in St George ON.  She mvd to ON CA with CH.  She d 1917 in CA.  Seek any info re sibs or prnts.
      Ellen Kinghorn 146 Riverview Pt., SW, Calgary, Alberta T2C 4H8.
      Any responses we get from the queries will be published in the next issue of CHINOOK.
      2/ Ancestor's With Attitude: I recall a while back there was a call for your favorite ancestor or this type of thing and we'd like to bring it back to life...not the ancestor but the concept!  You can submit information and a photo about the ancestor you have in mind and we'll publish it.  Don't worry if you don't have a photo...it could even be a symbol  to show what kind of person they were.  On cemetery stones in Scotland I saw symbols for the type of work a person did in their lifetime.  It could be something like that...or even that.
      Also, don't worry about the writing.  The piece can be edited if need be.  Make the submission as long or as short as you want. 
      Please forward any submissions as soon as possible as we have a deadline for copy September 12.   I'd like to announce this at the Monday meeting and know it is not as much lead time as we would like. So, if you can tell any other members you know are not on dist-gen, I'd really appreciate it.  Even if we don't get allot for the October issue, we can use them in the next three issues of CHINOOK.
      Ellen Kinghorn
      Email: ellen@...
      Webpage: www.kinghorn.ca
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