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Re: Virtual memory in XP

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  • Gord Hulbert
    Hi there: Have you got to the screen where you can tweak virtual memory? Rt click My Computer - Lt click Properties - Lt click Advanced . In
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 28, 2003
      Hi there:

      Have you got to the screen where you can tweak virtual memory?

      Rt click 'My Computer' -> Lt click 'Properties' -> Lt click "Advanced'. In
      'Performance' box, Lt click 'Settings, Lt click 'Advanced'. In 'Virtual
      Memory' box, Lt click 'Change', and GOOD LUCK!!

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      From: "Doug Hay" <dhay@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 12:43 PM
      Subject: Virtual memory in XP

      > Howdy,
      > Santa Claus brought me SUSE Linux for Xmas. I am trying to create a
      > boot. The SUSE software will shrink the partition for Windows (currently
      > whole 40 GB) but I have to temporarily deactivate the swap file for the
      > virtual memory first. This is because the swap file is right near the end
      > the HD by default and I can't shrink the XP partition beyond that.
      > I cannot find the swap file anywhere to deactivate it. Does anyone
      > where that might be set up in XP?
      > By the way if anyone is interested in Linux, the SUSE version looks
      > pretty easy. It is just a little more difficult to install on XP. ME and
      > seem like a snap.
      > Doug Hay
      > Calgary, Alberta
      > http://members.shaw.ca/doughay/hayglen.htm
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