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RE: Explorer Security Flaw

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  • Judith Rempel
    very good advice. I ve not been shy of purchasing items online until now - but I d wait until this goof is put to read before I do so again. I hear
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 24, 2003
      very good advice. I've not been shy of purchasing items online until now -
      but I'd wait until this goof is put to read before I do so again. I hear
      (somewhere) that a fix is planned for January by Microsoft.

      BTW, as a web maker, I can tell you it is VERY easy to make a site look like
      a existing reputable site. It would take me less than an hour to replicate
      any site with 20 or fewer pp. More pp, once I got experienced.

      So, for the time being, I'm going to take the X-files' advice: "Trust no

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

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      > Subject: Explorer Security Flaw
      > Furhter to Judii's email from the other day, you now cann't even
      > trust what
      > is showing in the address bar. Type in those URLs and do not click on one
      > from an email
      > IE Security Flaw Allows For Fake URLs
      > http://link.surfsecret.com/?exX9Y The
      > only way you can tell that the site you're giving your credit
      > card to is to
      > look at the domain in the address bar. Now there is a new flaw found in
      > Internet Explorer that allows anybody to impersonate the URL of
      > another site
      > no matter what site you really might be on. A hacker can then make a site
      > that looks like Paypal.com and even says Paypal.com in the address bar but
      > is actually on the hacker's server somewhere else in the world.<br><br>The
      > way it's done is by putting a strange character between the real URL (ex:
      > hackersite.com) and the fake one (amazon.com) and the real URL won't be
      > shown. So far there is no fix from Microsoft, although an independent
      > security company is offering their own version of the fix. If you don't
      > trust installing a non-Microsoft fix, you may just want to wait it out and
      > just be careful until one does.<br><br><a href="
      > http://link.surfsecret.com/?vfcNr">Test for the security flaw</a><br><a
      > href=" http://link.surfsecret.com/?3FiHc">Fix Fro m Independent Security
      > Company</a>
      > Regards
      > Gordon Lane
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