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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2003
      Dear Friend,

      Let's face it. There are so many negative influences on our children and grandchildren today,
      it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to set a good example for them. So, why not
      use a positive approach?

      Let me introduce you to EVERTON'S FAMILY HISTORY MAGAZINE.

      Even if it is only sitting on your coffee table, just seeing the cover of the nation's oldest, and
      most respected, family history publication will have a wonderful effect on your children.

      Additionally, our magazine will show you the way to learn the methods that will help you to
      tell your family's story.

      In an age when our children need heroes, let EVERTON'S FAMILY HISTORY MAGAZINE
      help you to unlock the past and to introduce your children to some of their greatest heroes:


      To learn more about our magazine, I invite you to CLICK HERE with no obligation to buy.


      Robert M. Johns
      Publisher, Everton's Family History Magazine


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