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Re: Faxing Southport

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  • Marjorie Ramsay
    ... You are missing one number: 011 441 Namely the 1 after the 44 Marjorie Ramsay
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 10, 2003

      Marg Randall McCready wrote:

      I am trying to order some certificates from the General Register Office in Southport, England.  The number I am using is 011 44 01704 550013.  I keep getting a message saying the number can not be completed as dialled.  Has anyone been successful at doing this and if so, what number did you use? I would have liked to order online but their website says online ordering is only available from the UK.  Anyone tried this anyway? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Marg McCready
      You are missing one number:        011  441     Namely the 1 after the 44      Marjorie Ramsay

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