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Re: [CCC] Bill S-13 second reading vote

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  • Lois Sparling
    (Jeff is Senator Milne s assistant) Cheer up, Jeff. Their goal is to get rid of the opt in/opt out clause. As you know all too well, that is going to take
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2003
      (Jeff is Senator Milne's assistant)

      Cheer up, Jeff. Their goal is to get rid of the opt in/opt out clause.
      As you know all too well, that is going to take alot more work. We can
      probably pry loose the 1911 census through the Federal Court. Surely we
      won't have to sue again for the 1916 census. We have time and energy
      (and many folks willing to provide funds almost instantly whenever we
      ask) to pursue reasonable legislation over the next year or two (or three).

      Besides, soon the Canadian Alliance may not exist anymore.

      Lois Sparling

      Paul, Jeff: SEN wrote:

      >Hey there everyone. I just thought that since I was in the house for the debate on S-13 yesterday I should give you a bit more flavour to what happened there yesterday.
      >First of all, they did have a voice vote on the bill. It was clear that the yeas had it and the majority of people in the house wanted to send the bill to committee. This included ALL government members. The real disappointment was the Canadian Alliance. They all voted AGAINST the bill in principle. When the speaker declared that the government won the vote, 5 members of the Canadian Alliance rose to their feet to force a recorded vote on the issue, instead of immediately sending the bill to committee. This prevented Don Boudria from doing what he wanted, which was to get the bill into committee.
      >The rules of the House of Commons prevent votes on Friday, by and large, and so Boudria moved that the vote take place on the first day that he could, which is the first Monday after the break. He could not do anything else.
      >The unfortunate thing is that the House of Commons will prorogue by Wednesday of next week. There is no question about this fact in my mind. Everything that is happening here points to that inevitable conclusion. This means that the bill is dead for now, and that it was the Canadian Alliance that prevented it from getting into committee where the bill either would be amended to improve it, or passed without amendment giving us at least some access to historic census records. It means that the Canadian Alliance has put all of the power over the census back into the hands of Ivan Fellegi. The opposition debated out this government bill to the point where it has failed.
      >Now as Gordon will tell you, the government has the ability to re-instate bills that were on the order paper at the time of prorogation. But with a new Prime Minister taking the reins, who the heck knows what is going to happen. If we are really lucky John Manley or Sheila Copps will be shuffled into the Industry portfolio. Both of those ministers know the file inside out and backwards, and could be persuaded to pursue the issue. It would also be good if Rock were back at Industry because he would likely pick up the file where he left off.
      >That's the view from the ground here folks. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
      >Jeff Paul
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      >Office of the Hon. Lorna Milne
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