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November 3 Meeting Programs for AFHS

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  • Adrienne Horne
    The next meeting for the AFHS is on Nov 3, 2003 at the former Southminster United Church, 3818 14a ST SW. BASICS SESSION: 6:30pm Topic: Jewish Genealogical
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2003
      The next meeting for the AFHS is on Nov 3, 2003 at the former Southminster United Church, 3818 14a ST SW. 
      BASICS SESSION:  6:30pm 
      Topic: Jewish Genealogical Society

      The Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta is the parent organization of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Alberta.  The JHSSA was established for the purpose of preserving archival records documenting Jewish settlement and life in Southern Alberta from the 1880’s to the present, with special emphasis on the period leading up to the post-World War II population and economic boom in Southern Alberta.  The JGSSA was established to focus more on family history instead of just the community history of Southern Alberta Jews.  

      Speaker: David Bickman

      David Bickman has been a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Alberta since its beginning about five years ago.  He has been an active member of the Calgary Jewish Community since he graduated from university and moved to Calgary in 1972.  David has been a member of the Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta, the JHSSA, for about a dozen years by now. 


      MAIN PROGRAM:  7:15pm

      Topic: All Hallow's Eve

      What are ghosts and why do they haunt?  Although Calgary is a young city, it has its share of ghosts.  The Lady-in-White in the Prince House; the mischievous spirits in the Canmore Opera House; Inglewood has several ghosts haunting various areas from the golf course to the junkyard, including the Cross House, where Mrs. Cross and her two children are said to be residents.  Of course Calgary's most famous haunted house is the Dean House.  Murders, suicides, and natural deaths have all been attributed to several spirits believed to dwell in the home.  

      Members are invited to share ghost stories from their own family history.

      Speaker: James Woodland

      James Woodland is an historian and documentary filmmaker with over twenty years experience in the filmmaking industry. He has a BA in English from the University of Calgary and has put it to good use as a writer/director of several short and feature-length films for television, including "The Lynwood/Harper Abduction Mystery" and "The Red League Conspiracy".  The documentary "The Calgary Civic Centre: A Community’s History" will be seen on Calgary’s "A" Channel this winter. Jim is currently researching the history of the Deane House for a feature-length documentary on its' one hundredth anniversary in 2006.  An integral part of this history is the residence’s ghosts and that in itself will form a separate film.


      Please join us and share your stories at this haunting evening.


      Adrienne Horne

      Program Chair

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