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October 6 Meeting Programs

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  • Adrienne Horne
    The next meeting for the AFHS is on Oct 6, 2003 at the former Southminster United Church, 3818 14a ST SW. Basic Session at 6:30pm Adrienne Horne will give a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2003
      The next meeting for the AFHS is on Oct 6, 2003 at the former Southminster United Church, 3818 14a ST SW. 
      Basic Session at 6:30pm 
      Adrienne Horne will give a talk on Oral History: How to Conduct Family Interviews.  Learn how to get those sought after family tales from your relatives. This presentation will discuss the type of questions that should be asked and how to go about interviewing family members. 
      Adrienne has taught a beginners course in genealogy through the Univeristy of Calgary's Continuing Education program.  Last year she defended her Master's thesis in Anthropology on the pursuit of genealogy and is the current Program Chair of the AFHS.   
      Main Meeting at 7:15pm

      Gordon Williams will discuss how the Prairie Land Systems can be used in the search for family homestead information.

      The Dominion of Canada surveyed over 178 million acres into 1.1 million homestead-sized quarter sections in the Prairies.  A survey of this magnatude is unique and has never been equalled anywhere else in the world.  Each homestead each can be uniquely designated within the Dominion Land Survey System and tell much about the settler's lives. 

      Gordon received his Ph.D. in geology from the University of Alberta in 1960.  He is currently a Sessional Instructor in the Petroleum Land Management program at the University of Calgary.  He is the author of 30 published research papers and a much larger number of unpublished scientific and technical reports. Currently, he is President of the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists. 


      Please join us for another fun and exciting evening.


      Adrienne Horne

      Program Chair

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