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RE: Blackfalds inquiry

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  • Judith Rempel
    Judy - this is another Judii responding. In our webpages, you ll find indexes to the 1906 census of Canada. On the two pp below you ll find links to pdf
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 13, 2003
      Judy - this is another "Judii" responding.

      In our webpages, you'll find indexes to the 1906 census of Canada. On the
      two pp below you'll find links to pdf files that contain info about folks
      who were living in Blackfalds (and area) at that time. Perhaps they'll fill
      in some gaps for you.


      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster
      note new personal e-mail address: judith@...


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

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      > Hello Judy:
      > I am forwarding your request to our genealogy distribution list which is
      > received by over 200 people mostly in the Calgary area interested
      > in family
      > history. If anyone on the list has any information they will contact you
      > directly.
      > Thank you for your enquiry.
      > At 05:21 PM 9/12/2003 -0600, you wrote:
      > >Hello,
      > >
      > >My name is Judy Carleton, from Blackfalds, AB., and over the past two
      > >years I have been working on a history book of Blackfalds,to commemorate
      > >Blackfalds's 100th aniversary in 2004. I have visited the
      > Archives in Red
      > >Deer, Lacombe, the Provincial Archives in Edmonton and Glenbow
      > in Calgary.
      > >I have interviewed and/or talked to nearly 200 people in the
      > area, as well
      > >as spent months going through old copies of the Lacombe Globe as well as
      > >the Red Deer Advocate. I have collected, to date nearly 500 photos, of
      > >which most I will include in my book, entitled "Blackfalds
      > Recollections".
      > >
      > >I'm always looking for more information, and thought it couldn't hurt to
      > >inquire whether your society would have "anything" pertaining to
      > >Blackfalds, especially pre - 1950. I have found it very frustrating at
      > >times to get information on this village/town, and I think it is
      > important
      > >to locate and preserve the town's heritage, even though it is so late in
      > >it's existance. ( better later than never ).
      > >
      > >Any ideas or information you might have would be so very much
      > appreciated.
      > >
      > >Thanks you for your time.
      > >
      > >Regards, Judy
      > ><mailto:elista@...>elista@...
      > >
      > >PS. An order form for the book can been found at:
      > ><http://www.blackfalds.com/>www.blackfalds.com/ under Special Events -
      > >click on Blackfalds Recollections order form, the form is in PDF format,
      > >and can be printed off.
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