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  • william campbell
    Hi Folks: We are just a week away from the official opening of our AFHS library at the new location - The Genealogy Bureau. Below is the News Release that has
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2003
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      Hi Folks:

      We are just a week away from the official opening of our AFHS library at the new location - The Genealogy Bureau.
      Below is the News Release that has been going out to the media and all major venues where family history researchers are
      likely to visit in the Calgary area.

      We hope you are planning to attend the Open House on Saturday September 6th. Please invite your friends and family to
      come along. You will be impressed with the new location. Our Librarian, Helen Backhouse, and her team have been working
      hard over the summer to have things in 'apple pie order' for this special occasion.

      And, don't forget our first monthly meeting for the Fall on Monday Sept 8th. Senator Milne is our guest speaker. You
      will want to hear what she has to say about the future release of Canada Census data.

      Look forward to seeing you there.



      Alberta Family Histories Society
      712 16th Avenue, NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2M 0J8 (403)214-1447

      FOR RELEASE AUGUST 10, 2003



      Without a doubt, family history (genealogy) is the fastest-growing adult pastime on this continent – perhaps on the
      planet. We can find our ancestors with so much less effort now that libraries, archives and government vital records are
      being made readily available. And, all of this is aided enormously by the internet, as a worldwide communication
      The ALBERTA FAMILY HISTORIES SOCIETY (AFHS) is about to re-open its newly-expanded Calgary library to meet the needs of
      this growing community. An Open House, to view the new library, is planned for Saturday September 6th (from 10 to 3),
      at 712 16th Ave NW, Calgary. The library currently holds over 9000 publications of worldwide origin.
      This significant event will be recognized by a ribbon cutting at 11 am with Senator Lorna Milne officiating. Senator
      Milne, Honorary Chairman of the Ontario Genealogical Society, is herself an enthusiastic family historian. She has
      recently been of enormous help to Canadian genealogy. At a time when so many people across the nation are growing in
      awareness of their cultural heritage and are seeking to ‘meet’ their ancestors, the federal government has recently
      chosen to arbitrarily conceal Census records. Census information is an enormously important research tool in finding
      past generations. Senator Milne sees this concealment as contrary to public need. She is championing the cause, in
      Ottawa, for the release of the 1911, and all future, Canada Census records ( after the traditional 92 year quarantine).
      Senator Milne has come to Calgary to speak at the first Fall meeting of the AFHS, on Monday September 8th. All those in
      the community interested in pursuing their family history are most welcome . The meeting begins at 7:15 pm at First
      Christian Reformed Church (formerly, Southminster United Church), 3818 14A Street SW. The Senator will speak on the
      issues surrounding release of Census records and the perceived conflict with the Privacy Act.
      The new AFHS library will now be located in the same building as The Genealogy Bureau where owner Harold Barkowski
      offers family history books and aids for sale, and also provides professional genealogy research services. This
      consolidation of the AFHS library and the Genealogy Bureau will provide those involved in researching their ‘roots’ with
      one easily accessible location where they may find answers to their questions.
      For further information call (403)214-1447 or visit the AFHS Website at www.afhs.ab.ca

      Contact Bill Campbell at 254-2293 or email wacampbell@...

      July 31/03

      William A. Campbell
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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