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RE: Admission Charge to Archives

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Well another charge to pass on to my clients but meanwhile I will be one of the ones to complain. Xenia ... From: owner-dist-gen@www.afhs.ab.ca
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 16, 2003
      Well another charge to pass on to my clients but meanwhile I will be one of the ones to complain.
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      Nope.  This is a new rule.  You pay to use the library and archives on an experimental basis.

      Lois Sparling

      Xenia Stanford wrote:
      The charge is for viewing the collection/artefacts and not for use of the
      Archives - i.e. the Library. If you tell the person at the desk you are
      going to the "Library", you will be able to go to use the paper and fiche
      archives/library without charge. The charge is for displays on other floors.
      Jim Bowman, who is the head of the Library section and not the whole
      Glenbow, will no doubt let you know whether this fee now applies to his
      section. It never has before as I have always been able to go up for free. I
      used to be able to see the displays for free since I donated many artefacts
      from Australia, New Guinea, Figi and west coast natives to the museum.
      However, now I don't even ask for free entry as there is so much to
      maintaining the museum and artefacts they have as well as adding to the
      collections. So when I go to visit the collection, I just pay up. When I do
      go to the Glenbow library (which is often) I have never been asked to pay as
      long as I state that is where I am going.
      If it has changed then I suppose it would be because people used that as a
      way to get into the collections/displays free. After having spent 10 days in
      New York, I can tell you the price for the Glenbow is cheap! The only better
      bargain was the New York State Museum in Albany where the admission was by
      donation - whatever amount you wanted to give and after spending an
      afternoon there I saw only a small fraction of the museum.
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      The only problem is . . . cataloguing donations, maintaining the
      collection and making it available at (all? most?) times the museum is
      open costs money - where is it supposed to come from?
      I will mention that I have been a Glenbow member for years and years
      and feel that I have had more than my money's worth every year.
      Mary Arthur
      On Friday, Aug 15, 2003, at 12:18 Canada/Mountain, Marcel J. Savoie
      The Glenbow would be doing a great service for
      genealogical research if it would reconsider its
      schedule of fees and include a special, much lower
      fee for the use of the archives.

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