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  • Xenia Stanford
    Thanks Gordon. This reminded me to check with CBC to see if the link to AFHS was on their Eyeopener page. I don t see it so I sent an email to Megan (show s
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 11, 2003
      Thanks Gordon. This reminded me to check with CBC to see if the link to AFHS
      was on their Eyeopener page. I don't see it so I sent an email to Megan
      (show's co-producer) to ask if it was there and I am just looking in the
      wrong place or if it was there and is now gone. I will follow up with her by
      phone later.


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      Hi Xenia,

      Was up in Sylvan Lake and heard your talk on the radio and it sounded great.
      Did manage to plug the AFHS because of your talk. Thanks for stepping into
      the breach at such short notice and thanks to Bill Campbell for getting
      things organised on such short notice.


      Gordon Lane
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      Alberta Family Histories Society

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      > Thanks Bill,
      > It was fun even if she threw in a few surprise questions.
      > However, the interview was over before I had a chance to
      > mention AFHS. I do hope they keep the promise about putting
      > links to the AFHS website. Today they still have yesterday's
      > program listed as upcoming so I will check tomorrow and if
      > there is no link, I will phone Megan and remind her.
      > Xenia
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      > Hi Xenia:
      > That was quite a good interview this morning. These hosts
      > always seem like they are in a race and can scarcely get your
      > answer before they have another 'arrow' to shoot. But, you
      > rolled along very nicely and explained very well. It was good
      > that you spoke to her before leaving, about a plug for good
      > old AFHS. She gave our website address which is a good way to
      > have people get to know us. Again, thanks once more for
      > rising to the occasion on such short notice.
      > Cheers
      > Bill
      > --
      > William A. Campbell
      > Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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