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Re: Canon Camera copying from CF straight to CD

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  • Gord Hulbert
    Hi all: The new SE Costco has a great facility for digital camera users. They have two readers that accepts diskettes, CD s, a live scanner, and all types of
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 10, 2003
      Hi all:

      The new SE Costco has a great facility for digital camera users. They have
      two readers that accepts diskettes, CD's, a live scanner, and all types of
      memory cards. 48 hour service costs $0.25/ 6" x 4" photo. I've used it
      several times. London Drug has the same service, but it is much more

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      From: "Xenia Stanford" <president@...>
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      Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 9:54 AM
      Subject: RE: Canon Camera copying from CF straight to CD

      > Thanks to all for your suggestions. I had also emailed Canon's helpdesk
      > prior to my computer networking being fried (my Internet and LAN
      > were lost) on Tuesday evening when I downloaded McAfee Updates. Thus I
      > not read any suggestions via email - any of yours or Canon's.
      > P.S. The system could not be restored due to the McAfee miniports that
      > left over in the system registry from installing and uninstalling McAfee
      > firewall. Since I could find no way to restore the system on my own, I
      > called in my computer whiz. It took us until last night to get everything
      > back including Internet and LAN. So I suggest avoid McAfee Firewall like
      > a plague or a virus! I just installed McAfee Virus Protection without the
      > firewall portion and all now works like a charm.
      > Since I could not read the suggestions but needed to get the CF card
      > ASAP as my daughter is off to Victoria and Vancouver and wanted to take
      > digital camera with enough room on the CF card to fill it again! With my
      > computer tied up with troubleshooting, I decided to find a photofinisher
      > see if any would do it for a reasonable price (which is what someone here
      > and what Canon suggested as Canon agreed with Gord that it would have to
      > from card to harddrive to disk). However, I found out that photofinishers
      > copy from CF card to CD without downloading to a harddrive so there must
      > a way and I plan to check out the other suggestions I received.
      > In checking the yellow pages and making a couple of calls, I found Don's
      > Photo (in yellow pages listed as Time Photo) to be the most reasonable at
      > $10 + GST per card and they promised a one day maximum turnaround as time
      > was another consideration. I did not realize the cost was $10 per card as
      > had been told it was per CD and each CD held 700 mg. Since one CF card
      > 350 mg and had 215 photos on it and the other CF card (that came with the
      > camera) was 16 mg with 12 photos, I thought no problem I will have them
      > copied onto one CD for $10.70 total. When I went to pick them up it was
      > $21.40. I had no problem paying $10 + GST for the 215 photos but 12 would
      > fit easily on my computer so I felt that I had been misled. My complaint
      > passed to the lab supervisor who said she could not do anything about it
      > would notify Derek the manager (I sort of expected his name to be Don so
      > not know who Don is!) who would be in today. He just called and said he
      > honour the refund and instruct his staff to be clearer in the future. So
      > all's well and if we do not have another way of handling the transfer from
      > CF to CD, I will use it up on the next set of 200 or so photos. I have no
      > complaints about the work and the photos look much better on the CD than
      > they do on the CF card.
      > If any of you are looking for this service and decide to give Don's a try,
      > look in the phone book under Time Photo at 1206-17th Avenue S.W.
      > Meanwhile I will review all the suggestions and see if I can find a way to
      > do the transfer direct from CF to CD myself. If I find a successful and
      > economical (time and money) way to do this myself, I will let you know.
      > lab supervisor said the 215 photos took one hour to transfer so tying up
      > equipment for an hour myself will also be a consideration.
      > Again thanks to all! I found the people on this list to be faster and
      > more alternatives than did Canon Camera Customer Service. Smart people at
      > AFHS and on distgen!
      > Xenia
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      > Sent: August 5, 2003 8:45 PM
      > To: dist-gen@...; Gord Hulbert
      > Subject: Re: Canon Camera copying from CF straight to CD
      > There are card readers that may be purchased from stores such as Office
      > Depot, or
      > CompuSmart. The one we have accepts any of 4 different formats. You
      > be able
      > to go directly to CD from the card.
      > On 5 Aug 2003 at 17:22, Gord Hulbert wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi there:
      > >
      > > I believe you have to go thru your hard drive first. Unless you have
      > > an option on your camera that makes the card look like another drive.
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      > > From: Xenia Stanford
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      > > Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 4:44 PM
      > > Subject: Canon Camera copying from CF straight to CD
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > I am hoping someone from the computer whiz group or otherwise can
      > > answer this question: How can we copy straight from the digital
      > > camera's CF card to a CD? There are 250 photos on a 350 CF card and
      > > the hard drive will not be happy if we try to copy them to the
      > > hard-drive first.
      > >
      > > Xenia Stanford
      > Ken
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