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Bill C-13 Release of 1911 Canadian Census etc.

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  • Rene Dussome
    Hello: This bill is extremely important to family researchers with roots in Canada. For this reason I am copying in full Gordon A. Watts e-mail just received.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2003

      This bill is extremely important to family researchers with roots in
      Canada. For this reason I am copying in full Gordon A. Watts' e-mail
      just received.


      PS I intended to send a message to this list earlier today urging
      everyone to send an Access to Information form to Ottawa. Unfortunately,
      time has run out and I must get ready to go to the FHC. Will try to get
      an e-mail off later today.


      * * *

      First debate in the House of Commons on second reading of Bill S-13 - an
      Act to amend the Statistics Act is on the House schedule for today
      (Thursday). It has also been on the schedule the past two days but has
      not yet made it.. Time will tell if it will make it today. Should it
      happen, debate should start some time after 3:00 PM Ottawa time. It
      will be televised on CPAC. There is at least one Bill ahead of it on
      the schedule.

      Time limits for debate have been set as follows:

      S-13 - The Minister of Industry - An Act to amend the Statistics Act -
      Second reading (first time debated)

      Length of speeches, pursuant to Standing Order 74:

      The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition - unlimited time.

      First three Members - 40 minutes maximum.

      All other Members - During the 5 hours of debate following the first
      three Members - 20 minutes maximum and speeches are subject to a
      10-minute question and comment period.

      After the period of debate referred to above - 10 minutes maximum.

      It is expected that Bill S-13 will be referred to the House Standing
      Committee on Industry, Science and Technology. Those considering making
      a submission to the Committee should be preparing to do so now.
      Addressing information is as follows:

      House Standing Committee on
      Industry, Science and Technology
      House of Commons
      180, rue Wellington Street, Room / pièce 671
      OTTAWA, Ontario K1A 0A6

      Attn: Jean-François Pagé, Clerk

      EMail : inst@...

      Telephone : (613) 947-1971
      Fax : (613) 943-0307

      Makeup of the Committee is as follows"


      Walt Lastewka Lastewka.W@...


      Dan McTeague McTeague.D@...
      James Rajotte Rajotte.J@...


      André Bachand Bachand.A@...
      Larry Bagnell Bagnell.L@...
      Paul Crête Crete.P@...
      Brian Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick.B@...
      Cheryl Gallant Gallant.C@...
      Jocelyne Girard-Bujold Girard-Bujold.J@...
      Serge Marcil Marcil.S@...
      Brian Masse Masse.B@... or
      Hon. Gilbert Normand Normand.G@...
      Andy Savoy Savoy.A@...
      Brent St. Denis St.Denis.B@...
      Paddy Torsney Torsney.P@...
      Joseph Volpe Volpe.J@...

      There are 93 Associate Members which I will not list here.

      Happy Hunting

      Gordon A. Watts gordon_watts@...
      Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee
      Port Coquitlam, BC

      en français http://globalgenealogy.com/Census/Index_f.htm

      Permission to forward without notice is granted.

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