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RE: Dominion Land Grants

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  • Xenia Stanford
    The National Archives claim to have the full grant of several pages but claims versus fact is why I asked the question. Thanks for the information. Xenia ...
    Message 1 of 7 , May 25, 2003
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      The National Archives claim to have the full grant of several pages but
      claims versus fact is why I asked the question. Thanks for the information.


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      The documents held at the National Archives in regards to the Western Land
      Grants are virtually worthless genealogically. They are a one page document
      stating just about exactly what is in the on-line index.

      The truly worthwhile documents are held by the Provincial Archives of each
      western province and you can find some priceless gems in these documents.

      I have personally recovered such personal items such as a divorce record and
      many letter concerning families in need of explaining why or why they would
      not like to continue with the patent procedure and/ or proving the

      At the minimum, the records provide information as to whether the applicant
      is married, his or her age, the number of children and where they were born.
      There are also letter of recommendations and/or the statements from
      neighbours who have witnessed that the patent requirements have been

      I am familiar with a researcher in Winnipeg who, if available, is very time
      efficient and is not expensive.

      Bonnie Bridge
      21 Lawndale Ave
      Winnipeg, MB
      R2H 1S7

      (204) 237-3824

      As to the question of transfer documents outside of the realm of proving or
      giving up on a homestead, you will have to contact Land Titles and do a
      historical search from the original grant to the time you specify. Include
      your wish for them to provide the transfer documents between titles as these
      documents can be, sometimes, very worthwhile.

      Good Luck

      Robert Boynton

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      Subject: Dominion Land Grants

      > Has anyone obtained Dominion Land Grant files (for Manitoba) from National
      > Archives? I can't seem to see any of the films at the FHC or CPL Castell
      > Branch. Thus it seems the only way to obtain them is to buy the film, do
      > ILL or find a person at or near the archives to do the retrieval and
      > copying.
      > I have 4 to obtain on behalf of clients and they want a speedy answer. In
      > one case I need to know not only when the land was taken out but also
      > vacated as the wife of one was shown as widowed on the 1901 census and was
      > in Ontario by the time of the 1906 (since I cannot find her still in
      > Manitoba)where she died in 1927 (we have the death record). We are trying
      > establish the date and cause of death of the husband. All we know right
      > is that he was on the 1881 census and not on the 1901. This is too broad
      > a period to have the Manitoba Archives do a search and his death is not
      > given in the online records index. The family legends consist of one that
      > was drowned in a fishing accident with no body recovered and thus no
      > and the other that he simply vanished with a native woman, changed his
      > and thus no death record under his true name.
      > So I am wonderinng if anyone else has had success in obtaining the
      > land grants with not only the establishment of the grant but also the
      > transfer. I have been able to find Saskatchewan ones (from FHL) with no
      > problem but to date have not tried Manitoba, which do not appear to be in
      > the FHL. Has anyone obtained theirs directly from Manitoba Archives or the
      > National Archives - how fast/slow were they and what information was
      > included?
      > Anything you learned from first-hand experience will be appreciated.
      > à bientôt,
      > Xenia Stanford (president@...)
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