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  • Gordon Williams
    The letters B.M. with a general location and a set of numbers generally means Bench Mark - a precisely surveyed elevation and precise geodetic location,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2003
      The letters "B.M." with a general location and a set of numbers generally means "Bench Mark" - a precisely surveyed elevation and precise geodetic location, often with a general location with respect to a prominent landmark.   The general location statement is given so it can be found by later surveyors who us Bench Marks as starting points for subsidiary surveys later.   Bench Marks are now usually marked by a brass disk set into a concrete base. ("St. Fereol Church, B.M., S. side of S. door with elevation 982.8, Montmorency County in Quebec" means there is a Bench Mark on or very close to the south side of the south door of the church. The elevation of the Bench Mark is 982.8 feet above the survey datum, usually taken as Mean Sea Level)
      Gordon Williams.
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      From: E.Rodier
      Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 5:35 PM
      Subject: High River & St. Fereol church

      Tips for Alberta research always welcome. Found a web site where someone
      from High River answers questions and asked about the school for boys. I'm
      guessing that young men over 20 might have been trained to help as farm and
      ranch workers or perhaps had some skill for playing polo. Some of the men
      were marked Absent from their homes near High River, might find them in Col.
      Walker's military group in Calgary sub-district 9.

      Someone asked on the web site about High River elevation. One of the books
      published 1916 shows elevation for every railway station to base of rail or
      top of rail (Geod. Surv.) It will help identify post office names that are
      spelled incorrectly in the census. Some households have Frank Bg in the 1906
      census near High River. I'm guessing that land owner Mr. Frank might have
      picked up the mail for his neighbors as they were a long way from Frank
      (Slide) in the Crowsnest Pass.

      Progress a bit slow on the census transcription but learning some Alberta
      history and geography today. (grin) School teacher's book borrowed from the
      library has a school district map of the Edmonton area with townships and

      A map of irrigation districts in southern Alberta makes a nice one page
      printout with townships and ranges marked.

      Okotoks web site has more history on the Internet than High River.
      Grandparents retired in a Calgary home, then in BC, then in Okotoks, then
      downtown Calgary near their 1911 places of employment. They passed on a set
      of 1930's maps of Alberta and a 1904 atlas showing Alberta before it became
      a province. Collecting maps has become a passion!

      For Xenia, there is a St. Fereol Church, B.M., S. side of S. door with
      elevation 982.8, Montmorency County in Quebec and 4 listings for St.
      Francois. B.M. is for Bruce Mines Railway. -- Elizabeth

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      From: "Larry McCool" Subject: Re: High River school for boys?
      > Just a thought but a call to the town office in High River might possibly
      > give a lead.

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