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Re: Fwd: The AKVZ and the transcript of census registers

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  • Ines
    Hi George and all, I am sort of familiar with this organisation. They started out with transcribing census records from Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Then they
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2003
      Hi George and all,
      I am sort of familiar with this organisation. They started out with
      transcribing census records from Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Then they
      decided to branch out to emmigration from Schleswig Holstein and one more,
      can't remember what it was. Since everybody was getting confused about who
      was doing what and of course they needed money, they decided to form a
      society. I did not follow it all but that is the gist of it. They have
      quite a few people working on the census, using a Danish programme. 2 of
      the transcribers are in Canada, as far as I know. One in Quebec (I think)
      and myself. Not sure why Peter sent this to all sorts of organisation like
      AFHS. I guess he wants publicity and money.

      At 17:35 11/05/03 -0600, you wrote:
      >Hi All:
      >The attached was sent to me as Chairman AFHS and I pass it on without
      >comment or endorsement. I know nothing of the organization sponsoring the
      >message. It appears to have been sent to a number of organizations like
      >ours, including AGS.
      >>Subject: The AKVZ and the transcript of census registers
      >>From: K.P.VOSS@... ("Kurt Peter Voß")
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      >>Date: 11 May 2003 19:19 GMT
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      >>Normal;heading 1;
      >>The AKVZ was established on April 01, 2003 as an independent organisation.
      >>The varying specialisation of the co-workers gave rise to the creation of
      >>different AKVZ work groups:
      >>-Work Circle Census Registers
      >>-Work Circle Emigration
      >>-Work Circle Regional History
      >>-Work Circle Genealogy
      >>The Goals of the AKVZ are:
      >>Transcribing the Schleswig-Holstein Census Registers and to publish these
      >>as freely available data banks.
      >>Intensive joint research into the emigration from Schleswig-Holstein and
      >>publication of the results.
      >>Fostering the coperation in historical and genealogical research between
      >>German, Danish and anglophone countries.
      >>Intensive co-operation with the academic institutions of the Province of
      >>Schleswig-Holstein, as well as the state, community and church archives,
      >>as far as they are referred to within the framework of AKVZ projects.
      >>The AKVZ is non-profit. Organisational functions are voluntary.
      >>The AKVZ endeavours to support historical and genealogical research as
      >>far as these deal with the Province of Schleswig-Holstein.
      >>Renowned scientists and institutions of the Province of
      >>Schleswig-Holstein assist the AKVZ as consultants.
      >>The project to record census registers is designed in such a fashion that
      >>participants can schedule their own time and perform the work at home.
      >>The AKVZ offers regular seminars, workshops and meetings for the
      >>interchange of experiences.
      >>Individual help is offered via e-mail lists as well as an on line forum.
      >>Research results of the AKVZ are available without charge on the
      >>internet: <http://www.akvz.de/>
      >>The most important premise of the AKVZ is to be open to all in the sense
      >>that the results of its work are freely available and without cost.
      >>This principle not only corresponds to the original concept of the
      >>internet but is also an expression of the concept of science.
      >>However, with this principle the AKVZ is deprived of a regular income.
      >>The AKVZ exists solely by means of the voluntary and unpaid contribution
      >>of all those who work within the association in whatever capacity. We
      >>contribute our time and effort. You may assist us with a
      >>contribution at your discretion. Donations in any amount are always
      >>welcome; what is more, we are dependent on them if further projects are
      >>to be undertaken. Should you consider the tasks of the AKVZ as worthy of
      >>support we invite your assistance!
      >>Donations such as PC's, microfiche readers or relevant literature and
      >>bequests for the assembly of a library or archives respectively are also
      >>Savings Bank Address:
      >>Sparkasse Kiel
      >>Kiel, Germany
      >>BLZ 210 501 70
      >>a/c No.: 29 006 541
      >>D-24109 Kiel, Bergenring 6, Germany
      >>Phon: +49 (431) 6612627
      >>Mobil: +49 (171) 1846775
      >>eMail: K.P.Voss@...
      >>Internet: http://www.akvz.de
      >>Internet: http://www.Voss-Archiv.de.de
      >>ausgehende eMails sind Norton AntiVirus 2003 geprüft!
      >>Der AKVZ bittet um Spenden - Sie können den AKVZ fördern
      >>Näheres hierzu: http://www.akvz.de/ger/spendenD.html
      >George Lake
      >1140 Kildonan Pl, SW
      >Calgary, Alberta
      >T2V 4B1
      >Email: george@...
      >Website: www.glake.ca

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