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Re: Zone Alarm and Mailwasher Pro

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  • Bob McNarry
    ... http://www.afhs.ab.ca
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
      Donna Coulter wrote:

      > Would be interested in hearing about Zone Alarm. I had it installed at
      > one time but it seemed to slow everything down. HOWEVER, nothing could
      > slow me down as much as battling those confounded Spam
      > thingamees.Donna
      > Donna;
      > I have installed a spam program called Mailwasher Pro that
      > is remarkably effective in dealing with spam. It continually
      > monitors your mail server and when a message(s) appear it
      > alerts you with a flashing icon and a wee beep. It lists
      > all messages with the first few lines of the text and gives
      > you the options of Delete, Bounce and Blacklist. It also
      > maintains a list of all sources under two headings: Friends
      > and Blacklist. Once you make your choices it opens your mail
      > and Deletes, Bounces (sends back a message "unknown
      > address") and adds addresses to the Friends or Blacklist
      > lists. Only then does it down load the messages you want.
      > I found this progam in Zone Alarm's web site. I have over 50
      > entries in my Blacklist after using it for a week! The HELP
      > manual is excellent.
      > I believe there is a free lite edition available for trial.
      > The full Pro edition is $19.95 US funds. (Note the dollar
      > value!!)
      > www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home
      > Go to "Downloads & Buy" and look under "Privacy Protection"
      > I hope this helps
      > Bob McNarry

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