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Ontario researchers - 'Genealogy Summer Camp'

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  • Lorna Laughton
    Hi Ontario Researchers: I m digging out my summer hat but not my bikini (long gone, and not suitable for downtown Toronto). Helen Backhouse and I have applied
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2003
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      Hi Ontario Researchers:
      I'm digging out my summer hat but not my bikini (long gone, and not suitable for downtown Toronto). Helen Backhouse and I have applied to go to "Genealogy Summer Camp". This is a program put on by the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. This is their ninth year - going from June 1 to June 6, 2003, in Toronto. It is a hands-on course for adults, especially out-of-town researchers who have Toronto-area and/or Ontario roots.
      I think that the best part is having experienced Toronto Branch volunteer instructors to help us in all the various archives and libraries. They have lined up time in the Archives of Ontario, Toronto Reference Library, OGS Library (North York Central Library), Municipal Archives (Toronto), Historical Society collections, etc. Although I could and have researched in these places on my own, having experiences on-site help will be invaluable.
      Us "campers" will be staying at the Comfort Hotel Downtown, 15 Charles Street East, (no, not the Royal York) for a very reasonable special rate (for Toronto or any city) of $ 129.00 per single or double. Helen and I can walk to the Archives of Ontario and to the Toronto Reference Library from there!
      If anyone else on dist-gen wants to apply for camp, go to the Toronto Branch, OGS, website, to print off the on-line application form. http://www.rootsweb.com/~onttbogs/torbranch.html. The mailing address is "Summer Camp", OGS Toronto Branch, Box 518, Station K, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2G9. The e-mail contact and organizer is Jane MacNamara at jemacnamara@... or 416-733-2608. Jane is a very experienced researcher. She gives many courses and lectures in Toronto. I think that she is taking a Toronto research group to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City this month (or else she has just returned). So I'm sure that "Camp" will be well organized.
      The cost for the program (7 hours of lectures and tutorials, 30 hours of hands-on instruction, handouts and public transportation) is $ 175.00.
      By the way, the organizers are also very flexible and try to accommodate the campers special research interests. I asked Jane if she could arrange some additional activities for me - a research trip to the Toronto Branch United Empire Loyalists' Association Library, a meeting with a fellow genealogist who I haven't seen for years, and the opportunity to buy some of the Toronto Branch publications. She e-mailed to me that she will arrange these - what service!
      Needless to say, Helen and I are excited about this trip, which is coming up soon. The most difficult part of filling out the application is deciding which 5 Toronto (or Ontario) families to concentrate my research on.
      So if you can spare this week in your busy life, apply right away. We would be glad to have more "western" representation. (I realize that this is a rambling e-mail, but I'm excited)
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